I am a 2014 NYU grad. I majored in psychology and triple minored in child & adolescent mental health studies, chemistry, and nutrition. I was also pre-med, but ended up deciding to pursue other things instead of medicine.

I hold my MS in human nutrition at Columbia University in the City of New York.

I eat mostly plant-based but respect all dietary choices. I make my choices because my body truly enjoys plant-based foods, I have a serious actual dairy sensitivity (read: instant diarrhea) and for reasons of animal welfare + sustainability.

I eat a primarily plant-based diet a majority of the time (plants including nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, and things made out of those things) and enjoy other things (like ice cream) when my body or brain wants or asks for them.

I want food to be happy place for people. Not a place of stress, anxiety or fear. And this blog is devoted to bringing some ideas and potential inspiration to others when it comes to eating and perhaps offering a counterpoint to all the crappy misinformation by health-influencer Instagramers who promote lots of random products that may not actually be good for you.

I write lots of articles and make videos for Spoon University. Β You can find my author profile here.

My dog is my best friend.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, but also consider NYC my home.

I welcome all comments, thoughts, feelings and emotions.Β Disagree with me? Wonderful. Let’s talk.

I plan to return to school for public health, focusing in the intersections of climate change and health, with a focus on food and nutrition-related issues, which I’m excited to blog about, as well.

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