Recent Vegan Eats and Photos from Late May in NYC

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you, internet friends! Going to do a mini photo/brain dump with some recent vegan eats now that I’m home in Milwaukee for the summer after a very stressful move where literally everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. As the struggle bus was REALLY bumpy last week, a lot of the random snacks I ate escaped my phone’s camera because documenting my protein bars and other random snacks for the blog was the last thing on my mind. Yay good times! These eats pick up where this post left off. I will be recapping my sister’s bridal shower desserts in a future post. I am also working on a vegan Q&A that will be live soon so check back later this week if you’re interested!

And here’s a fun twist: the first person to comment the correct number of times Millie is in this post will get a surprise from me! Now onto the post:

Brunch at ABCV:


Backing up to being back in NYC/Jersey City a couple weeks ago: here is a lovely brunch I had at ABCV with my mom. After going to ABCV for dinner the previous week, I wanted to try their brunch, so the very night I dined there I made a reservation for the following Saturday for brunch.


Verdict: delicious. I would say, though, that I think ABCV shines brighter at dinner, at least based on the two meals I had. Anyways, I had the Vegan Eikorn pancake, which had some strawberries and bananas baked in, some tangy raspberry powder on top, and came with the cutest little beaker of maple syrup and a scoop of coconut cream that melted all over the top. YUM. I love pancakes. These were very good pancakes. They had the texture of a very fluffy thick pancake/muffin that was magical. For $18 though…I thought I’d maybe get more than one.


I also shared the avocado lettuce cups again and had some of my mom’s dosa. I am feeling inspired to up my pancake game, make those lettuce cups, and try my hand at dosa making!

After dining at ABCV, we went to Union Square Green Market and walked around. I hadn’t been in years and it was honestly really nice! I used to live on Union Square my sophomore year at NYU and went all the time. It truly is one of the most magical farmer’s markets.

Fruit, fruit, fruit!


Summer fruit season is here and I’m all about it. This is one of a zillion servings I’ve had recently. Team fruit!

Beyond Sushi

Once again! I really was living it up the last week or so of being in NYC with eating my favorite foods.


This time I ordered some cripsy confit potato dish with black garlic and chives and a saffron sauce. It was tasting, but very very rich! I enjoyed about 1/4 of it and let my mom enjoy the rest since I could feel it irritating my acid reflux.


I ordered a new roll that had avocado and beets in it, and enjoyed my old favorite, Sweet Tree (per always). The new roll I thought was okay, but I wouldn’t order it again. My favorites rolls are forever Sweet Tree and Sunny Side.


Oh, and my favorite dumplings are The Badge, which we also ordered. YUM.

Chao Vegan Mac (frozen)


I was cleaning out my freezer and gobbled this right up one of the last nights I was in my JC apartment. It was okay. I honestly had higher hopes for it. I adore Chao cheese, but this mac and cheese was a little one note for my tastebuds. It was good and creamy, I just thought it needed a kick! Trader Joe’s Green Dragon once again made an appearance to this meal. I also added frozen peas for some extra protein/flavor/texture. Yum.

Just Salad


I enjoyed a couple of these while packing up for the move, because it was easy, delicious, and I can’t get it at home!

Pickles and a couple sweet potato fries with Raag


He’s the best!

Gregory’s Vegan Breakfast Sandwich


Anotha one! So tasty. Love you Greg!!

Tropical Salad and Cuban Guacamole with Plantain Chips at Rumba Cubana (in Jersey City)


In the middle of my entire move going wrong, I stopped what I was doing when it was clear there was nothing else I could do to remedy my situation for the day, and enjoyed a nice dinner al fresco with my pupper and mom. We ate at Rubana Cubana, which was right by my old apartment, and so, so good. And so reasonably priced! Jersey City friends, I do encourage you to give it a whirl if you haven’t already.


I got a tropical salad (I needed veggies) which had greens, onions, tomatoes, avocado, and mango, and a really delightful vibrant lime vinaigrette that packed a serious tangy punch. So good. I also ate an entire order of their guacamole, which has pineapple chunks, lime juice, and olive oil in it (it is seriously so so good) with fresh plantain chips. I am now a firm believer that all guacamole should have pineapple in it. Yum.

Hotel Breakfast

We ended up in a hotel that night for various reasons, and I was delighted to learn the hotel had continental breakfast. Some people say “even when pizza is bad it’s good.” I disagree with that for pizza, but the phrase perfectly describes how I feel about hotel breakfast buffets.


This photo is terrible, but I had two pieces of whole grain toast with Smucker’s peanut butter (which tastes like frosting, in my opinion, and I’m so into it), and a sliced very ripe banana, a giant bowl of fruit salad, and a whole ocean of coffee with almond milk.


Millie loved the hotel, and watching people in the office building across the street.  My little trouper bean!

A Veggie Delite from Subway at 2am

Also in the middle of my move (about 30 hours after the Rumba Cubana meal), I enjoyed a Subway veggie sandwich at 2:00am. Thank goodness for 24 hour establishments in NYC because I was seriously hangry and hadn’t eaten a meal (only protein bars and fruit) since breakfast.

I have always loved Subway. Everyone has their weird fast food place they love, and mine is definitely Subway. I just truly enjoy the fluffy bread, the weird shredded lettuce, and then piling on literally every vegetable and pickled vegetable, guacamole, and like, 18 sauces. SO GOOD.

LaGuardia Banana


Like it, love it, gotta have it.

Chips + Applesauce


When over-tiredness hit, I started combining weird free snacks. Either I was delirious or this is actually good (currently unsure), but I really enjoyed chips with applesauce on the plane. I’m not really a chip gal (I’d rather have pretzels or crackers or veggies, sorry!) but this hit the spot. Kind of like latkes and applesauce? Reaching here…

Oh, and don’t worry, I let Millie lick the applesauce cup.

Vegan Carrot Cake from Whole Foods

When I finally got home from my moving fiasco last Wednesday, I had a cake waiting for me! How fun. It was vegan carrot cake from Whole Foods. I had a large slice that night and have about half still in my freezer.


My sister and her husband’s two dogs are currently with us at my mom’s house, so lately every time I eat I feel like a mukbanger! Ha!

As I got a lot of questions about them, I’m going to devote a separate post to the desserts I made for my sister’s baby shower. Here are some preview pics:


Thanks for reading! I am in Milwaukee for the summer and very bored so anticipate a lot of blog posts and videos. Wishing you the best day ever!

<3 Katherine + Millie

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    I LOVE all your vegan eats! Every single thing looks so darn delicious! The fresh fruit, the sushi, the breakfast! I’m most def going to have to try and recreate the “Tropical Salad and Cuban Guacamole with Plantain Chips”, since I live nowhere near NJ, lol. And those adorable vegan succulent cupcakes, I’m dying!

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