Some Exciting Recent Vegan Eats & Life Lately

Hello friends! Let’s get right into it. Finals are over and playtime is in full swing! I have been enjoying some time hanging with friends and eating yummy food while tying up some loose ends around the NYC area and packing up my studio apartment! Read on for some yummies + life.

NYC Bagels with Vegan Tofu Cream Cheese


Bless the beauty of New York City-style bagels. Last Friday I went to Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company near NYU with an old friend from studying abroad in France.


We caught up over bagels and walked around campus and caught up on life. The kind people at Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company let me have half veggie tofu cream cheese and half strawberry tofu cream cheese to appease my indecisive personality. It was delicious!

Hummus Toast with Everything Bagel Seasoning


This was DELICIOUS and a nice change of pace.

Toaster Waffles


Van’s went on sale for $1.99 at ShopRite and you know I was all over it. Ate a box in 48 hours. So. Good.

I also conducted the above Waffle vs Pancake poll on my Insta stories and it seems waffle was the winner. I do lean towards team waffles but I love pancakes too, with my whole heart!

Gregory’s Vegan Lemon Poppyseed Loaf


SO GOOD. I grabbed a slice after having a mini breakdown on my way to my Mailman boat cruise. For some reason I got really overwhlemed at the idea of being on a boat around people drinking for several hours without the option to leave early when I was in a very sad and anxious mood. Mid-May is a very rough time of year for me historically and my very close friends know why. It brings up painful memories and deep sadness. I always plan to open up about this more but still haven’t. In time! But I don’t want to force it. Anyways, I talked to my Aunt on the phone while noshing on a half price lemon loaf slice and returned home to watch junky TV in my PJs.

Salads with Hummus Dressing

Vegan Hummus DressingThe hummus kick continues. My tastebuds are still loving it and it’s been $1 at ShopRite. HUMMUS UP.

Beyond Sushi…again


I had dinner with some lovely ladies from grad school this Tuesday at Beyond Sushi. I got the Sweet Tree (my forever fav) and a seasonal roll. The seasonal was good but not my favorite. Everything else (including the conversations) were a slam dunk though!

Oat Milk Iced Latte


They were free at Gregory’s on May 15th and free is my favorite price ever! I am cheap and never get iced lattes so this was such a luxurious-feeling day. Oat Milk is still not my #1 non-dairy milk choice (I mostly still prefer almond milk; unpopular opinion, I know) but I still enjoy it, especially in coffee!

Hot Chocolate


Every day, even when it’s hot. I often pair it with ice cream for my night cap. Is that weird? K, cool. (PS, if you’re curious how I make it, check this link out)

Dinner at ABCV

WOW. My friend Caty and I met at ABCV on Saturday to celebrate my graduation from Mailman and her completion of her dietetic internship. We had both wanted to go for years, but personally I never went because it is a bit pricy and I never felt justified spending the money on it.


I was extra hesitant because I’ve been to other fancy vegan restaurants in NYC like Blossom and 79 Candle Cafe and found them to be just so-so and very overpriced. Overspending on mediocre food is one of my biggest pet peeves. But I finally made it to ABCV and I am SO glad I did. It was some of the best food I’ve had…ever!


First we shared the Green Chickpea Hummus with Crudite and Pita (we asked for double, don’t worry…haha!).


Next up we split the Avocado Lettuce cups, which don’t sound like much, but were absolutely exquisite. They were filled with roasted sweet potato, avocado, toasted cumin, a bunch of seeds, some sauce that was other worldly, and some other fancy flowers and things. So. Good.


We also shared a Roasted White Yam dish with coconut yogurt, pomegranate, and crispy fried shoestring potato things on top. I love potatoes and this dish was warm and hearty and really pleased by belly and soul.


We ended with a Lasangette that I didn’t love (personal taste preference) and that I could feel triggering my acid reflux* so I stopped a couple bites in and let Caty finish the rest. Still, an incredible meal overall!

*Side note: I am planning an entire post about acid reflux/GERD and symptom management; stay tuned and let me know if you’re interested!


The ambiance and service were very fancy and much more over the top than I am used to. But it was fun to play fancy person for once. I am personally very uncomfortable in fancy situations because I’m so used to working in the service industry I feel like I should be on the other side. I felt this way the entire time I was on the cruise to Alaska last June. Anyways this is a long tangent. Chrissy Teigan was also dining at the restaurant while we were there, which I took as a sign that the place was legit. I felt so out of place but it was a good time for sure and I actually liked it so much I made reservations to go back for brunch next week! Ha!

Just Salad


Friday when I got home at 8pm and had no groceries because the lettuce I bought somehow tasted like battery acid (seriously, it was inedible, and I never waste food). It was late and I was hangry and I love Just Salads so Just Salads it was!

Ice Cream


For doggo. Tis the season.

Vegan Croissant from Choc-o-pain


A cute place near my apartment started selling vegan croissants on the weekend. Had to support! Locals, Choc-o-pain has locations in Jersey City and Hoboken, and they sell their croissants to Champs and Orchard Grocer, so if you’re not in Jersey, you can find them in the city!

Salad from Hamilton Inn


Hamilton Inn is a neighborhood hotspot. Honestly, their food isn’t something I’d go way out of my way for, but it is certainly good enough (I actually love the sweet potato salad, pictured above, avocado subbed for cheese) and they have great outdoor seating and are super dog friendly.


This was a nice, chill, outside meal on a beautiful Sunday night. Millie was an absolute angel during the entire meal, after being kind of a naughty gal for the hours we spent at the park earlier (kiddos…am I right?).

The salad wasn’t enough to fill me up for dinner so I did eat some vegan chicken fingers with approximately a gallon of ketchup that I had gotten for free a long time ago that were in my freezer for way too long. I don’t usually crave for that stuff but they were oddly really satisfying at the time and I enjoyed them and was happy to use them up! #nofoodwaste is the goal!

Other life updates:


After spending many hours spent glued to my laptop and textbooks working through my two graduate degrees, I am DONE WITH SCHOOL OFFICIALLY (…at Columbia). I celebrated last week Friday at my professor’s house in upstate NY for our department’s annual garden party. 


I honestly cannot believe how quickly this program flew by and I feel like I learned SO much and met some truly amazing people. I was so so so lucky to be surrounded by such an awesome cohort and to have such brilliant, kind, and humble professors and mentors. I will miss my EHS family! But it’s time for the next adventure! EEP!


I’m off for now to watch some junky reality TV and relax before another day of packing and errands tomorrow before graduation on Tuesday.


…can you relate?

Hope you’re having a great day! How’s life been for you? Eaten anything awesome lately? Have any exciting plans this summer? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, feel free to hit me up on InstagramTwitter, or YouTube.


Remember, Millie loves you!





  1. Alaina says

    Wow!! Congrats on graduation! What were your degrees in? Also recently started watching a channel called Veganbodegacat on YouTube and she lives in NYC too! It’s cool to see some places in common (she’s also checked out and recommend Brooklyn bagels and Gregory’s lemon loaf). I live In Texas so cant try some of these great looking options out but maybe on vacation one day haha

    • Katherine Baker says

      Hi Alaina! Thanks for the comment. I have one MS in human nutrition and my MPH in Environmental Health Science with a certificate inn Climate & Health and am starting my PhD in nutrition science this fall. I am planning to update my “Best NYC Restaurants” list soon so stay tuned for that! And I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Texas! Maybe I should make a trip this summer. Anyways. Thanks for stopping by!

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