Some Recent Spring Vegan Eats, Millie’s Birthday, & More Random Stuff

How’s it going friends? I hope you’re having a nice day. And if not, I hope tomorrow treats you with more compassion. I handed in my final remaining school assignment yesterday and feel empty and weird. So to busy my addicted-to-work brain, I’m here with another dump of recent vegan eats to inspire some deliciousness in your life, and/or give you insight into what a vegan graduate student on a budget eats on the reg.

Buckle in, cause it’s a long post. I recap my friend Sarah’s visit, and also feature some meals-at-home from the past couple weeks. Enjoy!

Beyond Sushi


My friend Sarah came to visit a couple weekends ago before I disappeared into a cave to do homework for the next 14 days. Friday night we hit up Beyond Sushi (my favorite restaurant in NYC) for some plant-based goodness. We shared The Badge dumplings, and 3 rolls (The Sweet Tree, Spicy Mang, and Sunny Side.



Van Leeuwen


For dessert we met some of my grad school friends for my favorite ice cream, Van Leeuwen. We both got a scoop of vegan cookie dough, which was delicious. I hadn’t had this classic flavor in a long time and it hit the spot!



Saturday we visited the statue of liberty/Ellis Island immigration museum, which was very educational. It was kind of surreal to be in the same room my great grandparents passed through to immigrate from Italy many years ago.


For dinner we went to Peacefood, and I got the Asian Greens salad (have been craving peanut dressings like crazy lately), and of course, carrot cake.


There was one slice of carrot cake in the dessert display when we arrived and I of course immediately ordered it and had it set aside like the savage I am to ensure it would be mine. It was huge!

Sarah got their vegan cheeseburger and a cookie. Classics.

Le Pain Quotidian


For brunch on Sunday we grabbed LPQ. I am on a kick of raw cashews and spicy-peanut-dressing-on-salads so I got some zucchini noodle pad Thai salad thing with a side of bread, which I covered in their table jellies and spreads as my dessert. I love coming to LPQ and ordering salads because they come with such tasty bread, which I then top with all the spreads. I find you get more bread when you order a salad than you do when you just order a tartine so I somehow feel like I am winning the meal game. I’m very normal.

Sarah got mini Dutch pancakes. So cute! I am now infatuated with mini Dutch pancakes and want to make some.

Pst…if you’re looking for vegan-friendly NYC restaurants, check out this post. It needs updating, but is still a solid list!


I am working through a case of this. 2 boxes left. Delicious, but I’ve eaten soooo much of it lately I feel like my blood stream is half chickpea noodle at this point. I’ll take it! Hahah.


I have been eating it with marinara, nutritional yeast, and peas quite often. Or sometimes just with nutritional yeast, lemon juice, olive oil and salt. Other times I use it to top salads, as evidenced below and/or more beautifully styled in this post.

Looking at the photo above, I can see Millie has to poop. Don’t ask me how I can tell, but a mother always knows.

Trader Joe’s Black Bean & Corn Enchiladas

Eaten on Cinco de Mayo. I have been working through my stockpiles of dried pasta and frozen food and was craving a change. Trader Joe’s $2.29 vegan enchiladas for the frickin’ win. I served these with some yummy cauliflower rice medley thing that I found as a new product in Trader Joe’s fresh produce section and salad. Nutritional yeast on top, of course.


These are truly delicious enchiladas. I’m not trying to start any conspiracies here, but I’m about 90% sure they are Amy’s brand under Trader Joe’s label. Try them, even if you aren’t vegan.

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes!

Operation clean-out-the-pantry continues. I made a big batch of pancake cookies (I just spoon pancake batter on a sheet pan and back at 400F for about 15 minutes) using Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Pancake Mix, a hefty scoop of rolled oats, cinnamon, and some canned pumpkin. I just eyeballed everything and it turned out delicious.

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi with nutritional yeast, salt, and peas.

Again, I don’t like replacing carbs with cauliflower, but I love celebrating cauliflower and am totally here for the cauliflower-everything-trend. TJ’s cauliflower gnocchi is SO DOUGHY and I love it. Personally, I like the doughiness so I boil it to bring out the doughy factor. I have heard baking it leads to a crispy pillowy end result, and I may give that a whirl sometime soon.

I ate the whole bag (yup, one serving for my stomach) with a nutritional yeast, sea salt, olive oil, and some frozen peas for protein/flavor/texture pop. With a salad on the side and a doggo at my feet. Don’t mind the blurry pic, I was hangry. I’m sure you understand.

Banana Quesadillas

I’ve been on a banana quesadilla kick. I should post the recipe, but in the meantime, feel free to check out my video tutorial I filmed in December but didn’t upload until yesterday. I look like trash in it, but such is life!

So Delicious Diary Free Dipped Coconut Almond Ice Cream Bars

These are a 10/10. Did you hear me? A 10/10. Perfectly creamy, crunchy, chocolatey and satisfying.

Cauliflower “Fried Rice”

I have been loving this as a veggie-side lately. I am not a fan of replacing rice with cauliflower but I am a fan of eating cauliflower in all of its various forms since it’s one of my top 3 favorite vegetables. This is Trader Joe’s frozen cauli rice heated with some Whole Food’s frozen stir-fry veggie mix, which has snow peas, carrots, bamboo shoots, and some other rando veggies, and a tasty savory soy-infused sauce packet on the side, which I mixed in along with some Trader Joe’s green dragon sauce (which is the best ever).

Japanese Sweet Potatoes

My favorite variety of my favorite food. Japanese sweet potatoes are #1. I like them steamed with almond butter + salt. Try it.

CavaWhich usually is good, but was kinda off this time. So it goes. My pita was stale and I’m sad about it. Bread is important.

Hummus Wraps


On a serious hummus kick lately! I took advantage of a sale + mobile coupon opportunity at ShopRite recently and have been swimming in $1 tubs of hummus. Tomatoes + hummus = the best combination. This particular day I paired hummus with whole wheat tortillas, lettuce, leftover cauli medley, tomatoes, and some green goddess dressing from Trader Joe’s. Yum. I ate three of these for dinner with a salad. Hit the spot.


On another afternoon I slabbed some hummus on a whole wheat bagel thin I had from Panera in my freezer with remaining sliced tomatoes and nutritional yeast. Delish!



Summer fruit season is upon us!! My tastebuds are READY.

Munk Pack Oatmeal Squeeze Pouches

Also filed under “using up everything in my pantry.” Munk Pack sent me some a while back. I ate all the cookies in like a week and they were all DELICIOUS. These oatmeal packets I’ve taken more time to work through. They are good, but I just never think to eat them. I put all my remaining pouches in my backpack and have finished them off in classes ass a snack.

…Anddd some pics from Millie’s birthday.

img_2424img_2422img_2425Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 11.52.44 AMimg_2426


Hope you enjoyed! Thanks so much for reading. Feel free to holler at me, as always, on InstagramTwitter, or YouTube.

These pics exclude my most recent week of food but this post is getting long so I’ll check back in next week with those! I will have more free time to blog now :). Have a great weekend! Millie loves you..

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    1. Oh my gosh Beyond Sushi is THE BEST. If you are ever in NYC, you must go. They were also recently on Shark Tank and will hopefully be expanding soon! Thanks for stopping by! <3

  1. Happy Mothers Day (K9 count too). Your review of tomato sushi makes me want to find some. I think Whole Paycheck Foods has it here. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks Chris! Hope you enjoy. Are you referring to my review of tomato sushi on Spoon? Let me know if you try the tomato sushi! Be well. 🙂

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