Recent Vegan Eats + Blogging Every (Other) Day in April

Hey there friends! It’s a Sunday evening and I just enjoyed some dinner and (non-dairy ice cream) and decided to check back in with another random round-up of recent vegan eats in the past month or so.

I choked last night home alone and it scared me good. So I decided even though I have plenty of stressful stuff to do, it’d be a good time to unwind and update the good old blog.

I also wanted to use this opportunity to acknowledge that I stink at being consistent with blogging this academic year. My interview/travel schedule has been absolutely cray cray. And then this thing happens where the longer I go between posts, the weirder it feels for me to get back into posting. I draft a thousand drafts, decide they aren’t good enough or that no one cares, and delete them. How productive! Not. I also get frustrated because my blog isn’t as good as it should be or as good as I know it could be and that really, really bothers me.

Between full time school, my two jobs, and the interview cycle, taking care of my mom, and trying to be a human, I find myself so burnt out this year all I want to do is hide under the blankies with my doggo whenever I have 5 minutes of free time.


(A random pic from Tuscon, AZ from one of the zillion trips I took this semester)

Yet, I have all of these ideas and the need for creative outlets. So then I get frustrated in the reverse. I had lunch with some old food media friends on Friday and it really made me itch to get back in the creation groove.

So, to try to get back in the swing of things, I’m going to try to post roughly every other day in April. It will be like old school blogging where people actually blogged diary style with short posts instead of essay-long, curated, edited-photo blogs. I’m usually a fan of quantity of quality, but I want to try to push my comfort zone with the blog and get my creative juices flowing again. Let’s see how I do! April looks like a stressful (but fun) month so I’m pumped to give this a whirl.

Without further delay, let’s get some vegan noshes coming your way…

Lunch at Supernatural

Vegan queen Chef Chloe Coscarelli had a pop up with Tom Colicchio at Craft this month and I got the chance to go on Friday. I had the animal lover’s burrito, a couple bites of some vegan mac, and way too much sprinkle cake.


The cake was certainly the highlight. It was vanilla with a slight lemon undertone. And the sprinkles were somehow the crunchiest and freshest sprinkles I’ve ever had.

The photo of my burrito looks like I accidentally sat on the burrito. I promise I did not. I’m just not great at cutting things in half.


The pasta wasn’t really my thing (I’m usually not into vegan ‘macs’ at restaurants, but the cake was something I will dream of for years to come!


I really like supporting Chloe because she is a kick-butt female vegan queen who has done a lot for the vegan community, even through great legal obstacles with her namesake (former) restaurant chain byChloe (which she is no longer a part of 🙁 ),  encourage you to check out her awesome cookbooks and support her!

I had lunch with a couple food media friends (as mentioned above) and it was so great and inspiring to see them! Thanks for keeping me on my toes Sam & Lauren!

Avocado Toast at Mathew’s


Before spring break when my mom was still staying with me we got brunch at Mathew’s on a Sunday. I love Mathew’s. It has the best vibes ever. It’s what I imagine it what a dining experience would be like if an imaginary great aunt who lives in Georgia hosted me for a meal in her party room. I dig it.

And also, the best avocado toast ever. Sourdough piled high with avocado, spring peas for a pop of texture and protein + fiber, radish, poppyseeds, tomatoes, pickled shallots, and a tangy fresh side salad for $10.

This was a solid meal. I was so happy my mom was able to eat out. She hasn’t been able to eat a meal out of the house in so long. It was great to see her up to something so simple that many of us take for granted. #blessed

Peanut Butter on English Muffin


What I actually eat for lunch every day. With a banana, apple, and granola bar or some raw nuts. I’m really exciting and creative. #foodblogger.

Also, yes I’m watching Vanderpump Rules while on my lunch break at school…please don’t judge me.

Gregory’s Coffee Vegan Breakfast Sandwich


Run don’t walk. This was a slam dunk! I’ve had a longtime love of Gregory’s coffee and this sandwich was another reason to adore my favorite coffee shop.

It comes with a JustEgg patty and vegan American cheese on this delicious, almost buttery-tasting rosemary focaccia bread that really made the sandwich go from good to spectacular. I added Sriracha + ketchup because I’m a condiment queen, of course. I’ve never enjoyed a breakfast sandwich out of the home (though I did make one over winter break) so this was fun to eat with a giant ice coffee with almond milk.

This was another instance of my mom willing and able and wanting to eat a meal out of the house. I can’t even tell you how nice it was to be able to do that with her after years of her chronic illness and pain getting in the way of the simplest activities. For many years I envied friends who had healthy parents they could dine out with. Don’t take your health or your parents’ health for granted, folks! Like is crazy and health is a precious thing. #blessed yet again

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheerio Treats


These are the best and the easiest things ever. Make some!

Hope Foods Thai Curry Hummus


This is the best flavored hummus I have ever laid my mouth on! It’s like a really vibrant, bold (not muddled) flavored curry. I am hit or miss with curry-flavored things as I sometimes find them overly oily or rich which drowns the spices, but this is so vibrant and fresh tasting. It is so good on veggies, wraps, sandwiches, or to dip roasted veggies in.

I got it at Whole Foods. I highly recommend it if you see it! #notspon #justafan

Spicy Potato + Beans Bowl


When I was home in Wisco, I made roasted some diced potatoes with avocado oil + taco seasoning at 425 until crispy, and cooked some beans on the stove top with some cayenne, cumin, Sriracha, and garlic, then mashed them to make refried-inspired beans.

I served this with greens, sliced mini bell peppers, avo, cauli rice + rice (I like cauliflower rice as a veggie side…not as a rice replacement. Carbs = important) and a cilantro herby dressing.

I tried making Banza rice but didn’t have a mesh strainer so…that was a sloppy mess and I ended up just using up some old Trader Joe’s frozen multi-blend rice, which hit the spot. I do love Banza and want to give the rice another go, but I was hangry and had no patience to wait for it to strain through a coffee filter (which was the only way I could think to drain it seeing as all the rice grains would have fallen straight through my strainer filter).

Pistachio Oreo Thins


I don’t know why I like these…but I really really do. #healthyveganfood lol.

Trader Joe’s Joe Joe Slims


…even better than Oreo Thins. If you live by a Trader Joe’s, these are 1000% worth $1.99. #morehealthyveganfood lol..

Lunch at LPQ


I love Le Pain Quotidian and forever think it’s underrated and under-appreciated! When my sister was in town for a hot second the other week we ate there together. I had a lovely salad and we both ate oodles of bread (and then some more bread) with their jams and spreads.


We also enjoyed their vegan chili which was incredible, and had a heartiness to it like none other, thanks to the beans and crumbled tofu and hefty scoop of avocado mash on top. Talk about nourishing!

Vegan Banana Cream Pie!


I made and ate my very first banana cream pie over spring break as part of a belated pi day celebration with a couple friends. We enjoyed this vegan banana cream pie with an East Side Ovens (vegan) Triple Berry crumble pie, which was incredible.


Enjoyed with laughs, love and a cute-as-can-be baby!


Would you like the recipe?! Let me know!

Dorie Greenspan’s World Piece Cookies (veganized)


On the “Gourmet makes..” Bon appetit Oreo episode, Claire mentioned this recipe, and after looking it up I wanted to give it a whirl. It was super easy to veganize (just subbed butter for non-dairy butter), and I cut the sugar by about 1/3 based on the comments, and enjoyed these with some chilly almond milk. Pretty good. I’m more a chewy cookie gal, but these were fun and easy to try.

Breakfast for Dinner


Also while my sis was in town, we made waffles, fruit salad, Field Roast veggie sausages, blueberry pancake bake, and maple syrup as a fun breakfast-for-dinner meal when we were both too tired and lazy to put pants on.

A few years ago I would have been upset at ‘missing an opportunity’ to eat something ‘special’ out on the town when hosting someone. Now I’m way better at going with the flow. Sometimes food is boring. Life is more about using food as fuel to enjoy the people around you and do the activities you love. Not every meal has to be a crazy awesome experience.

Oatmeal with almond butter + blueberries


Along those lines, when I landed late last Sunday night, I got back to my apartment after 3 hours in traffic in an Uber with Millie, and had almost nothing to eat for dinner. I made a giant bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, a hint of maple syrup, a healthy dose of salt, and cooked in some frozen blueberries, sliced in a banana as it was cooking, and topped with oddles of almond butter, another diced banana, and covered the whole thing in coconut almond milk. Honestly, it hit the spoke. My tummy was a wreck after traveling.

Emmy’s Cookies


If you like coconut, these are legit. I got some free samples and while I’ve had the chocolate chip and lemon flavors before, I had not yet tried the peanut butter. These were dessert after the oatmeal above. They are so good and very satisfying/filling! They eat more like real food/a wholesome snack vs. a sugary cookie. I want to work on a DIY version at home.

I also noticed they are made in a certain city in NY….which was exciting because it’s where I’m heading next! ;-).

Buddah Bowl with Potatoes and Spicy Peanut Noodles


Made a hodge-podge one night with baked tofu (marinated in a sauce of soy sauce, coconut aminos, maple syrup, a teaspoon oil, Srircha and fresh ginger), some roasted broccoli, roasted potatoes, a baked Japanese sweet potato (my fav), herbed cauliflower rice, and chia noodles from perfect earth foods with a spicy peanut sauce made of peanut butter, water, soy sauce, ginger, and a dash of Sriracha. Yum.

I love tofu. Anyone else? #teamtofu

Beet Chips


I love these! Trader Joe’s “Just Beets” chips are also basically the same thing. Sweet, crunchy, tangy, satisfaction. Yum. Good plain or in salads or with hummus.



…because my throat still hurts from choking yesterday and this sounded so good and soothing. Applesauce is so under-rated and under-appreciated and under-utilized in my humble opinion.

Okay this post is officially way too long and I doubt anyone is reading anymore. If you are, comment below and I’ll give you a virtual hug or high five.

I’m glad I got back to blogging though. Creativity feels SO GOOD.

This month is going to be fun. Leave a comment below on what you’d like to see, or find me on InstagramTwitter, or YouTube.


Peace, love, and Millie bean!


  1. Cindy says

    I’m sorry you choked…I can’t imagine how horrifying and scary it was. I hope your mom is doing better. now. Millie pics always brighten the day!

    Thanks for all the food suggestions. It seems like we enjoy the same foods and so I know if you like it, then it is highly likely i will. Yes, please to banana pie. I hope I can find the Emmy’s cookies locally or they ship.

    • Katherine Baker says

      Hi Cindy,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment! I so appreciate your support and will have the banana pie recipe soon. <3

  2. Alaina says

    I enjoyed reading this and all the pictures! I read the whole thing in between working on an assignment haha, it was a nice break. *virtual hug* I really enjoy your posts, I’m a college student too and I think it’s very admirable that you’re blogging (I might want to start one some day). I hope you have a great week!

    • Katherine Baker says

      Thank you so much Alaina! I so appreciate your kind comment. And you totally should start a blog so we can be blog buddies! Good luck finishing this semester! <3

  3. Denise J. says

    First, I am so sorry to hear about your choking episode!! So very frightening. It is terrifying!
    I initially read your ‘How to take good care of your bananas’ post, which I thought was informative and then hopped over here. Enjoyed looking at your vegan food pics (YES please, to the banana pie recipe), and I’ll be on the lookout for the Hope Foods Thai Curry Hummus 👍🏼
    What kept me smiling through this whole post is your precious, sweet little Millie. What a sweetheart. And, I LOVE that you make her special treats. Just adorable. ❤️
    Thanks for blogging and sharing your recipes.

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