Recent vegan eats (Trying New Vegan Yogurts And Trader Joe’s products)

Hey hey! I decided to bring back random bi-weekly recent vegan eats post after this recent post about food as an afterthought. So here we go! A couple of bites that went into by belly the past couple weeks. This is just a all snapshot of what I eat. I hope it inspires some yummy snacking or meal making in your life! Enjoy!

Salted SunButter Caramel Date Truffles:


An old favorite! I love making these because they are easy, require minimal ingredients, and are so very sweet and satisfying. They make an ideal mid-day snack or after dinner treat when you want something sweet but energizing. You can use any nut butter you’d like, but I can’t get enough of the sun butter + date combo. They are so good together!

The recipe is here, and the video tutorial is here!

A Big Old #TBT Simple Goodness Bowl:


The other night I realized it had been a while since I made a kbakes-style bowl. So I got down to business and roasted some sweet potato wedges, and paired them with organic mixed greens, Trader Joe’s frozen grilled cauliflower (the BEST frozen veggie product), hummus, random frozen broccoli, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and some crunchy seeded ShopRite crackers. I drizzled Trader Joe’s Green Goddess dressing all over this bowl for an extra punch. All the flavors + textures = veggie-powered satisfaction. Yum.

Gregory’s Coffee Lemon Poppyseed Loaf:


I love love love Gregory’s Coffee. It always holds a special place in my heart. I used to work at NYU Child Study’s Center on Fridays while in undergrad, and would always treat myself to Gregory’s after. The fact that there is a Gregory’s in Jersey City warms my heart and soul!

You know what else warms my soul? The fact that they now have 1/2 price baked goods after 5pm! Yes!!! I keep picking up half price lemon loaf as a treat. It is so delicious, moist, and lemony, and barely sweet. I love it. Can’t wait to try their new Vegan Egg Scramble breakfast sandwich (made with JustEggs!)…will report back!

Pancake mix cookie chocolate chip cookies:


I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies the other night, and was low on ingredients, so I whipped up some cookies using Bob’s Red Mill 10-grain whole wheat pancake mix, oats, flax, a bit of baking soda, almond milk, and avocado oil. And a solid handful of dark chocolate chips, of course.

Honestly, they turned out pretty good. They tasted hearty and substantial. Not the sweetest or most indulgent cookie, but really good in its own right. I’m gonna work on this concept and share on the blog when it’s ready.

Vega Snack Bars:


I love trying new bars. I don’t know why. But bars are a fun treat to me.

These are snacks, not meals, and I really hope people don’t actually replace meals with 190 calorie bars, but either way, I got a bunch of these Vega Bars as samples, and ended up buying a few boxes, because they are really satisfying shelf-stable snacks to keep in my bag for hangier-than-normal moments during this busy season of life.


The Blueberry Oats one reminds me of those yogurt-covered Nature’s Valley granola bars I used to eat by the box when I was growing in middle school, so I’m down for them. The Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel varieties taste like less-sweet candy bars, which I’m also into. Anyways, these are pretty decent for a quick, satisfying snack when paired with fruit.

Bunna Ethiopian food:

Last Saturday I met my good friends Caty and Raag at a plant-based Ethiopian restaurants in Bushwick called Bunna Cafe. I went to NYU with both Caty and Raag and consider them both some of my bestest friends. They also both live in Brooklyn. And somehow have never met. So we set up a friendship date of sorts and we all enjoyed some yummy vegan Ethiopian food in a cold Brooklyn evening.

The two of them shared a platter, but I was coming down with a wicked cold, so I got my own “meal” option with 5 dishes served on injera.


If you’ve never had Ethiopian food, you must try it. It’s a bunch of very flavorful bean and vegetable and pulse dishes (and meat dishes, if you’re at a non-vegan place) served with injera, which is a sourdough pancake flatbread, and one of the most delicious forms of carbs in the universe. So tangy! Basically oh just use the bread to dip into all your dishes with your hands (no utensils) and it makes for a tasty, fun, unique and interactive meal. I only took one pic and it turned out blurry, but know it was delicious!


We also went to Bake Shop and shared some cake after. I didn’t love this cake. The frosting had a strange gummy texture. I wonder what it was made of?? Peacefood wins for vegan cake.

Speaking of Peacefood

I went to peacefood for dinner the following night with a bunch of gals from grad school. It was nice to sit and chat with them outside the EHS 1101 or 1102 room at the Mailman school. I didn’t take a picture but I got a protein packed kale salad for my dinner. I usually love that salad and the dressing, but it wasn’t as good as it usually is. The dressing was a little one note compared to usual.

Peacefood was also out of carrot cake (year) but I got a carrot cake cupcake to get my fix. Not as good, but did the trick.

I’ve eaten at both the uptown and downtown Peacefood about a million times each. I feel like the uptown location has been off a bit with food this year. The downtown location, for whatever reason, tastes fresher and more carefully prepared to me. Anyways. I think I should branch out s little more often (still love you and your carrot cake Peacefood!).

Baked Buffalo Potato Wedges:


Honestly, these are so so good. Make them!



I have been on such a fresh apple kick. I also love that there is now a weekly farmers market at World Trade Center. It’s so nice to pick up local fresh apples and potatoes on my way home!


Had to try the one above.

Trader Joe’s Lemon Creme Sandwich Cookies:


I was stoked to hear these new sandwich cookies were vegan! I picked some up at Trader Joe’s Hoboken and gave them a whirl. For a Trader Joe’s product, they are a bit expensive ($4.49 for 4), but the price is still really reasonable compared to bakeries and/or other grocery stores for ‘fresh’ cookies.

These were solid. The lemon flavor was strong (which I love in a citrus dessert), the cookies were soft, and the buttercream texture was spot on. My only complaint is that they were a tiny bit too sweet for my taste buds. I would still recommend them though! I can’t wait to try the Brownie flavor.

Trader Joe’s Joe Joe Thins:


Holy cow. Walk don’t run. These are magic. The best Oreo/pseduo Oreo product I’ve ever tried. The thinness makes the cookie crunch perfect and Trader Joe’s cream filling is like actually delicious and tastes like vanilla cream, much moreso than Oreo’s cream. And did I mention these are $1.99 a box?! Get some!

Chobani Non-dairy:


I love trying new non-dairy yogurts so I was pumped to see this in stores! I tend to go for unsweetened yogurt, but Chobani does not currently offer a non-dairy unsweetened flavor. So I tried the ‘Slightly Sweet Plain’ flavor and overall, I really enjoyed it. It was sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet (just a hint). It can be hard to find non-dairy yogurts without 18+ grams of sugar, so I appreciated that it wasn’t shockingly sweet. The texture was spot on: creamy and thick. The flavor was delicious too. It was subtly coconutty, without being overpowering.

Overall I liked the yogurt and will buy it again. It tastes pretty good and I could see myself using it as a fruit dip. Nancy’s unsweetened plain soy yogurt is still my favorite, but it is increasingly hard to find 😢.

Peanut butter on English muffins:


I am on such an English muffin kick! I got super into Vermont bakery brand (they have the best cinnamon raisin bread I’ve ever had) when I found it on sale a ShopRite last year, and have fallen head over heels in love with their English muffins.

I love packing these for lunch with a thick smear of peanut or almond butter (I think this was vanilla almond butter). So good and so satisfying. Bonus palate points when I toast it slightly in the toaster at school.

Dannone Dairy-free Good Plants Yogurt:


Another new non-dairy yogurt! This one is by Dannone, and is branded under their “Light’n’Fit” brand. I could go on and on about how the name of that brand bothers me, but instead of bore you, I’m just going to review the yogurt.

The yogurt itself was pretty good. I tried vanilla, and it tasted kind of like what I remember Dannon vanilla yogurt tasting like. It is made from almond milk, and had some pea protein in it, so there are 5 grams total per carton, which is more than a lot of coconut or almond milk yogurts (if that’s important to you).

It wasn’t my favorite, but enjoyed it enough to happily finish the carton with some Purely Elizabeth granola, and want to try their Strawberry and/or Lemon meringue flavors.

I should also mention that this yogurt is sweetened with stevia. Some people freak out about stevia being really great, and other people freak out about it being really horrible for you. Anyways, I thought it was worth mentioning if you have a strong opinion on the stuff.

Bobo’s Lemon Poppyseed Bars:


My Aunt loves these, so after spending months looking for them, I finally found them and gave them a whirl. They are so wholesome! Very satisfying and calorie-dense and perfect for hungry afternoons in class. They are a bit pricy though, so I’m going to work on recreating them at home.

Looking over this post I realized I’ve eaten a lot of lemony things lately…haha! I do love me a lemon now and then. Anyways, I should wrap this up. This post is getting too long and I doubt anyone is still reading. I also have a dog birthday party to get to this afternoon and a midterm to study for. Hope you have the best day! And if you have any vegan yogurt recommendations or content requests…drop them below, or hit me up on InstagramTwitter, or YouTube.


As always, stay #blessed! And remember, Millie loves you!

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