NYC Birthday Weekend Vegan Eats and Being a Hot Mess

Hello everyone! I haven’t shared a “what I’ve been eating lately” -type post in a while. I didn’t blog a ton over break because I was in serious need of some down time, and had a bunch of technical issues with getting my computer fixed. Anyways, I had a great break and an awesome final weekend to top it off. My sister and her husband flew out to celebrate my bday/just hangout (okay, they came to eat), so I thought I’d share some highlights.

This is definitely not reflective of my normal eating pattern (I rarely eat out, especially when I’m at school), but since this was a fun weekend, I thought some things were worth sharing. Enjoy!

(Pst, if you’re looking for more NYC recs, here’s my Guide to Vegan Eating in NYC. It could use an update since last January, but it’s still a solid list!)


Early Friday morning I flew into LaGuardia from Milwaukee. About 15 minutes into our uber ride home, southwest called me to tell me I left a bag there. I had a mini lack-of-sleep-induced panic, but my uber driver was super understanding and took me back to get the right bag. Not sure if it was the lack of sleep and coffee, lingering sickness, or the fact that I was traveling with my dog and disabled mom, but I was so out of it this day! Mood:

Thankfully there was no harm done, and the correct bag made its way back to me, and after that, I headed home to my apartment in jersey where I dropped off my luggage and doggo and quickly freshened up before heading to a meeting on campus.

After my meetings, I headed back to JC, but stopped at Trader Joe’s to grab some basics (bread, bananas, apples, almond milk, coffee, snacks, etc).

I was also delighted to find Blueberry Bliss Luna bars are now sold at Trader Joe’s. Blueberry Bliss is my favorite flavor, and I haven’t seen it anywhere besides ShopRite prior to this citing. Yummy!!


My sister and her husband got in around 6:30, and we headed to dinner at Peacefood. Pardon the crappy photo quality, it was 8:00pm in a dimly-lit restaurant.

We shared the Asian Greens salad (a quality classic), and a Cheese plate to start. The Cheese plate was new and not something I’d get again. But still good!


For my entree, I got the Japanese roasted pumpkin sandwich (subbed focaccia for regular bread). Yum.


My sister got the same thing and her husband got the vegan burger. I also stole multiple bites of my mom’s grilled oyster mushroom dish. I’m not a huge mushroom gal, but holy cow it came on a bed of the most dreamy parsnip horseradish purée and was topped with kale and spiced chickpeas. Divine !


Dessert at Peacefood is a must, so we got a slice of carrot cake (the BEST), a slice of cheesecake, and a chocolate-dipped macaroon. Jenn got a piece of the raspberry oatmeal bar to go for the morning, as well.


After the peacefeast, it was bedtime! We all had very long days and sleep sounded enticing.


Saturday got off to a bumpy start for me. I couldn’t get my shit together and was grumpy and had a hard time getting out the door. After looking for forever for my wallet, I realized it was in my purse (along with my passport), and that I hadn’t seen my purse since Friday night. I called Peacefood to see if I’d left it there, and they had found it and offered to set it aside for me. Thank you Peacefood!!

After this whole mini debacle, Jenn, Tyler and I headed to Starbucks in Jersey City along the waterfront to work on some stuff. A few lattes and some typing later, we hopped on the PATH to go collect my purse.


We picked up my purse (and a slice of THiCC deciduous and moist banana bread) and walked through the West Village to Chelsea Market in pursuit of lunch.

I love Chelsea Market. Even on a Saturday afternoon when it’s overwhelmingly busy. Jenn and Tyler got in line for Very Fresh Noodles, and I went in search of Dizengoff which is apparently no longer in existence at CM. Shortly after departing from Jenn and Tyler, I realized I had lost my phone. I know, right? Facepalm!! After checking the bathroom and every restaurant station I’d stopped at, I ran back to Jenn in a tizzy. She called my phone, and a kind Chelsea Market security officer answered, to inform us someone had returned my phone and I could pick it up at the security desk.


Between my bag at the airport, my purse and wallet at Peacefood, and my phone at Chelsea Market, I was on a hot messy roller coaster. Things could have ended up being a much bigger and more inconvenient cluster fuck, so I’m thankful there was no harm done and I got back everything I lost. To the kind honest people of New York, thank you!!!

Finally, lunch happened around 3:15pm. I grabbed some sushi from Beyond because it always sounds/tastes good to me, and there was no line, and at this point, I was not going to hold up anyone further from eating. I enjoyed my sushi, and some of Jenn and Tyler’s very fresh noodles. I’m not a huge noodle dish person (Italian pasta aside), but I did find the big thick wavy noodles frightful. Both the wet and dry options here were good, but not as spicy as advertised (a good heat, but the warnings were a bit over the top). Good stuff, though! Not necessarily my taste for a meal, but I did enjoy the bits I had.

After lunch, we went to Patagonia in meatpacking so my sister could look for a new coat. Girl score big and looked fabulous doin’ it:

Saturday night we made a late-night run to Razza for pizza, bread and salad. There’s always a wait here, but if you walk in and order to go, you can get food pretty fast. We were in and out in under 30. Perfection.


There aren’t many foods I’d insist New Yorkers cross the river to eat, but Raaza is one place I’d say is a must-try. SUCH incredible fire-burned pizza and amazing bread (if you go you HAVE TO order the bread!). The salads are vibrant, thoughtful, and fresh, as well. Yum!


We got a beet salad (no cheese), two farmer’s salad (one with cheese, one without), 2 orders of homemade bread and butter (I used my own butter at home), a La Rossa, a Margherita and a Burrata. I somehow took no photos of my food this night (only some videos to my Insta Stories), so I added a few from a previous visit.


Sunday funday:

Sunday morning started slow. Around noon we trekked to Wonder Bagels (a local JC bagel shop) for some fluffy carb spheres and dang decent tofu cream cheese. Eaten at my place with the nugget.

Side note: I love how in NYC/NJ they “toast” bagels on a panini grill. THOSE CHAR MARKS. Brings me back to my NYU days. I’ve never been a drinker, but I would sometimes go and hang out at bars with friends late into the evening. Everyone’s go-to late night snack was Artichoke pizza and/or hallel, but for me, every time, it was a panini-grilled bagel with cream cheese. SO good.

Sunday night was sushi night! We made an early reservation at Beyond Sushi‘s sit-down restaurant on 37th street.

We ordered the Charred Broccoli and Cauliflower starter, a Curry Coconut Ramen, the Badge Dumplings to start.



We also got (in order, L to R), 2 Sweet Tree rolls, one Sunny Side roll, and (second row) one Pickle Me roll and one Spicy Mang roll.

After that, it was again bed time (we’re an exciting bunch). I said goodbye to Jenn and Tyler early this morning and they are currently headed back west. Overall it was a great weekend!

I’m currently trying to wrap my head around how my month-long break is over, and that this is my last semester of my program and living in the NYC-area after 7+ years of being a student here!

Today is a getting-my-shit together and organizing-for-the-semster kind of day.  I also have some work to do, and am hoping to finish editing my carrot cake tutorial video to post (with recipe!) tomorrow or Wednesday.

Have a great semester to students heading back to school, and have a great day to all other non-student human beings! Love to all from me, my stretchy pants, and my cute-as-can-be tiny begging doggo.

Holler at me on Insta or Twitter if you’re feelin’ saucy. 😎


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