Midterm Season Vegan Eats + Cherry Bombe University Recap

Hello once again to my fine internet friends! I hope you are having the warmest coziest fall filled with mugs of tea, hearty soups, scrumptious baked goods, and warm blankies. I’m back in the blogging game after a fatiguing few weeks of midterms and application work.

Midterms really did not bring out the best in me this year, and after crying in public from lack of sleep and overloads of stress, I decided it was a healthful idea to take a step back from the internet and putting pressure on myself to blog for a few days and focus on learning how to chill and sleep and and socialize and eat like a normal homeostatic human being again.

But! I’m feeling quite restored after this weekend of naps and friends and oodles of baking and wanted to share some meals and snacks from the past few weeks. Hope you enjoy! Leave me your favorite snacks and cozy meals in the comments below, or pop over to my Instagram and slide into my DMs.

I’ll also be recapping my experience at Cherry Bombe University, so keep on reading for that!

Avocado Toast with Za’atar:


This was a new-to-me-combo that I’d wanted to try out for a while. I also added some hemp hearts and nutritional yeast for extra flavor/texture/satiety. It was pretty good, but not my favorite avo toast flavor combo. Still fun to try though!

Oatmeal with frozen blueberries and almond butter

I cannot get enough of this combo lately. I basically make this cinnamon banana-blurberry-oatmeal thing by cooking a 1/2 cup oats with 1/2 a mashed banana and about 1/4 cup frozen blueberries stirred in towards the end of cooking. I then pour my oats into a bowl and top with almond butter while the oats are still warm so the almond butter gets melty, and pour almond milk on top to cool it off, and enjoy.

Dumplings and the Sweet Soy Bowl from Luanne’s Wild Ginger

I visited one of my BFFs Raag in Brookyln last weekend for an early bday celebration. We grabbed lunch at Luanne’s Wild Ginger and it was excellent.

We started with dumplings (<3) and tempura. I’m not a huge fried-foods person, but I love me some doughy doughy dumplings.

For my entree, I got a sweet soy something bowl (can’t remember the actual name), with chewy brown rice, tangy-sweet-sour-spicy gluttonous soy medallions, steamed Japanese pumpkin, house-madee pickled veggies, and kale, and some yummy sauces. This was incredible. I’d eat it every day. Yum.

Happy birthday Raag!

Cinnamon Rolls

Made from scratch with Raag. We used this minimalist baker recipe. Delish! Cinnamon rolls are life.

Elmhurts Milked Peanuts with Chocolate

Run don’t walk! If you like chocolate milk or any version of it, give this a whirl. I have been eager to try this brand for a while, but since it’s a bit pricier, haven’t been able to.

I actually first tried this at Cherry Bombe University during the cookie bake off and refilled my cup 3 times before leaving. It’s that good! Creamy, rich, chocolatey and smooth with a satisfying, not-too-thin mouthfeel. And not too sweet! Perfection.

Trader Joe’s Fall Harvest Tea


Simply the best. I look forward to it every single season. Like apple pie in a mug.

Kix on repeat


As in nightly. I bought a family-sized box for $1.99 at ShopRite and have been mowing through it with almond milk. Kix is an old childhood favorite cereal of mine, and after not having it in roughly 14 years, feel the need to make up for lost time. Delicious!

I pretty much only eat cereal at night, never for breakfast. It’s just the perfect carby nightcap! Also yup, the above photo is Kix in a mixing bowl eaten with a baby spoon because I was running the dishwasher *insert shrug emoji here.*

Cereal + cold oatmeal packets with almond milk

When I want to mix it up, I sometimes eat cold oatmeal packets soaked in almond milk, kind of like muesli. This was an apple cinnamon oatmeal packet topped with Kix and some peanut butter butter for crunch. Sounds weird, tastes delicious

Just Salad

You better believe I wore a salad costume on Halloween to get a free salad from Just Salad for their costume promo. No regrets! Thanks Just Salad; love you the most. 

I enjoyed this salad outside with the above view.

Speaking of Halloween, Millie dressed up as a grad student (me) for Halloween this year, since nothing is scarier than me during midterms:

Hot cocoa

It’s everyday, bro, on that hot chocolate flow. —> please ignore that.

For those who ask, I make my hot cocoa with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk warmed in mason jar, which I then add 1-2 heaping tablespoons cocoa powder to, cover with a lid, shake vigorously, and pour into a mug. I often top with ReddiWhip non-dairy whipped cream for a hint of creamy sweetness. Yum.

Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes:

I made a black bean dip with canned black beans, canned corn, diced jalepeno, lime juice, hot sauce, diced tamatoes. It would have been even better with cilantro, but I didn’t have any.

I ate some with tortilla chips, and used a bunch to stuff into sweet potatoes for quick meals alongside some veggies. Nourishing, satisfying, and so darn tasty!


This photo looks icky, but the burrito was incredible. I used leftover blackbean/jalepeno/corn/avacado/pico mix to a couple doughy tortillas with Choa cheese, leftover Trader Joe’s vegan cream cheese, shredded lettuce, and hot sauce. Filling and delicious.

Lazy Vegan Cheesy Pasta:


The only photos I have of this meal are blurry and kinda look messy/gross, but this was so tatsty. I took cooked Banza noodles, topped them with vegan cream cheese from Trader Joe’s, nutritional yeast, some spices and som salt, and it was SO good. Going to work on this concept and make it more legit/pretty for a recipe post and am including it here to remind myself to do so so I don’t forget. Stay tuned.



…because it never lets me down. <3

Sweet Potatoes with Vegan Cream Cheese + Cauliflower Rice Stir-fry


As a late-night post-evening class veggies snack. My body wanted veggies and this hit the spot for a carby yet veggielicious night cap. Melty cream cheese on potatoes = very satisfying. I added a bunch of soy sauce and Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Sauce.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies


Yum. <3. I made these cookies on a whim by throwing things in a bowl without measuring, crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best. And they turned out so cakey and wonderful and were delicious dipped in almond milk. Next time I would up the pumpkin a bit, but am looking forward to making these again and hopefully sharing the recipe with a few tweaks!

Apple cider cookies


Another experiment I’m playing around with. Stay tuned!


I actually stopped eating bananas for a full 5 days. Yup. You read that correctly. I wasn’t feeling that good and was on a weird diet for a little bit until I felt a bit better. I’m back on that banana grind though, don’t you worry. And the separation did us good – I’m enjoying them even more now. Delightful.

Funfetti Cake:

I made a boxed (vegan-friendly, not Pilsburry) sprinkle cake mix I found in the clearance section of Target for $0.68 with a can of Sprite for a fluffy junk-foody easy cake. It was super nostalgic and comforting eaten with ice cream. Not something I want/crave every day, but was a fun, different, and cheap treat.

Random Noodle Plates

Another day, another random dinner and pair of mis-matched socks. This evening I used some gluten-free perfect earth foods chia pasta with nutritional yeast + vegan butter, salad with Panera poppyseed dressing, balsamic glazed baked tofu, and cauliflower tofu stirfry rice. I had seconds of this pasta, which is made by an awesome socially responsible company and is delicious and glutinous despite being gluten-free. Yum.

BESTeas Unsweetened Sparkling Tea


The nice people at BESTeas sent me some of their unsweetened sparkling iced tea to try. It’s pretty darn good! The best way I can describe it is somewhere between LaCroix and Honest Tea.

I added a little sweetener to it, but just a tad, and I was happy that I could tailor the level of sweetness to my tastebuds since I find many sweetened beverages overly sweet.

If you want to give it a whirl, use code KB30 for 30% off!

Enlightened Dairy-Free Ice Cream


Enlightened just realised new dairy-free flavors, and seeing as it was on sale and I had a coupon, I had to give it a whirl. And it’s darn tootin’ good! Much better than Halo Top. Still doesn’t taste like a rich full-fat ice cream, but a pretty tasty soft-serve like texture with lots of real chunks and flavor. One thing that I think Halo Top lacks is big chunks, so this was exciting.

Cherry Bombe University Mini-Recap:

I had the opportunity to attend Cherry Bombe University on October 26th and it was quite the inspiring experience!

Because of midterms and other hecticness, I could only attend one of the three days, but still had a wonderful time. The event was held at Food & Finance High School in NYC and it was a fun and fabulous female-powered day.

Our morning kicked off with a breakfast spread,



and some lectures by inspiring trail-blazing food industry women including Alison Roman who spoke about creating accessible recipes, and Kerry Diamond Herself (and my amazing friend Lauren Goldstein, who you should follow!).



I next attended a vegetable butchering class (which made me want to cook every vegetable I can get my paws on),


followed by a rainbow pasta-making class with Salty Seatle herself (who was HILARIOUS IRL) before breaking for lunch, which was a fabulous lunch made by Food & Finance High School Students.

For lunch I made a giant salad with roasted squash, walnuts, persimmons, homemade ginger applesauce, a couple pieces of Hot Bread Kitchen focaccia, and an apple. Followed by tons of chocolate, Kombucha, and LaCroix (yay event sponsors and free food).

I took an afternoon coffee and chocolate class which propelled me into caffeine and sugar overload, but was fun nonetheless.


After that there was a cookie bake-off,

followed by catching up with some old and new food industry friends.


I left feeling super inspired to get back into the creative food and media space, and reminded that there is no one path to success in any industry.

It was so nice to attend despite the event occurring amidst a very busy time of year for my school schedule. Thank you again to the Cherry Bombe Bombe Squad for putting together such a wonderful weekend, and I’m so incredibly ready to kick my own butt into gear!

That’s all for now friends! More recipes, science, and life posts coming your way now that midterms are behind us. Stay cozy!


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  1. Wow, so much good food! My version of oats lately has been steel-cut oats (cook a big batch on Sunday then reheat for breakfasts throughout week) with chopped hazelnuts and a couple of squares of chocolate.

    In Minneapolis we have a thin layer of snow on the ground this morning. I think I’ll make it a cozy day with some squash soup, a vegan grilled cheese, and hot cocoa with some Dandies marshmallows 🙂

    Good luck with the post-midterms, pre-finals time of the school year!

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