Recent vegan eats: fall edition

Hello friends! It’s vegan eats roundup time. Today I’m sharing some eats from the past few weeks in hopes of inspiring some yummy planty goodness in your life. Hope you enjoy!

Cinnamon sugar toast:

Been on a kick lately. Who’s with me? Pure nostalgia in every bite. When I want something sorta sweet and Cathy after dinner these days cinnamon sugar toast is where it’s at. This is just TJ’s 100% whole wheat sandwich bread ($1.99) with vegan butter, cinnamon and sugar. Mmm yes please !

Pasta + Salad + Green Goddess dressing + roasted veggies, all in the same bowl:

Am I the only one who likes them together? Always have, always will. This is some Banza I boiled up and added some Trader Joe’s green goddess dressing + nutritional yeast, roasted broccoli + tomatoes (I took home some raw veggies that were leftover at an event a couple weeks ago and about to be thrown out), frozen peas, and hemp hearts on top of some mixed greens. Yum! Flavors + textures all the way.

Vegan oatmeal cookie dough protein bars:

So frickin’ yummy! Recipe is here, ICYMI.

Peanut Butter + Jelly:

With bananas. Which I never grow tired of. Eaten sitting outside while doing some grading on the main campus


Tis the season. They were $0.99/lb at ShopRite so I treated myself to a few. I like to eat my pears a little underripe so they’re crunchy instead of soft and juicy. Some people find this weird but I dig it!

Veestro Beluga Lentil Braise + veggies:

As I mentioned in my last eats roundup, the nice people at Veestro sent me a few meals to try. This was a lentil braise with some root veggies in a coconut-y sauce with quinoa. Made for a nice meal on a chillier day. Yum.

I had some other veggies and bread for dipping on the side to round it out.

California Grape Health-Ade Kombucha:

Still tryinngn to get my gut back to normal after many weeks in a row on super strong antibiotics. Yay for $1.99 Kombucha sales (#blessed). I love the California Grape flavor because 1) the name reminds me of “I much prefer the dryness of the California grape” line from Parent Trap, and 2) it tastes like Welch’s sparkling grape juice and I love that about it.

Blueberry Bliss Luna Bar:

Which is the best flavor, btw. I don’t know how the heck I had never tried it until this summer but holy cow it is good; it tastes like a not-junky version of those yogurt dipped granola bars I used to eat as a kid mixed with a blueberry muffin. I’m in love. Luna bars are a bit outside the budget this month, but current me was thankful that former me bought several when they were on sale in August and this bar was such a great treat on the 1 train commuting between my two jobs.

Free vegan cookie dough (from DO)+ cold brew:

random recruiters on campus gave out cookies, cookie dough, and cold brew. I have no interest in being a consultant, but I was happy to chat with them and eat their free goodies on a Monday😬.

The most basic of dinners:

The budget has been extra tight lately. So I’m trying to clean out of my freezer and shop mega-sales. This dinner has been making a frequent appearance: Field Roast sausages (they sent me a bunch in spring and I’m still working my way through them), baked potatoes (got a 5 pound bag on sale for $2 at ShopRite), and one kind of green veggie.

This night it was broccoli (which was $0.88/lb for 2 weeks in a Row at ShopRite) and some random romaine I had to use up. Not a super gourmet or fancy meal, but tastey enough and Satisfying. I also added nutritional yeast + salt to the potato was and dipped the sausage in a mix of ketchup + Sriracha.

MunkPack Oatmeal + Fruit Pouches:

At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about oatmeal in a tube, but when chilled, these are a good shelf-stable snack that doesn’t make you feel like you ingested flaming garbage. Also, they have yummy flavors. I still think I like Munk Pack’s vegan cookies more (which are soooo good btw), but these are also fun to try. Thanks Munk Pack!

Bananas / banana fashion:

Duh. #onbrand

Veggie wrap lunch:


This is the lunch I’m having later today (haha! I am typing this post up while on the train commuting to school). It’s a Angelic bakery sweet potato wrap stuffed with Trader Joe’s hummus, Chao vegan coconut herb cheese, romaine, frozen peas, and leftover roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli. I added a drizzle of panera poppyseed dressing for some tangy sweetness.

With almonds + whole wheat animal crackers on the side. And a tub of expensive fancy-pants fruit that I took home from another event this week that was also leftover. Berries + melon + starfruit are quite the treat these days, so I’m so grateful! Another munkpack oatmeal fruit pouch on the side.

And here’s my dog, just because:


Hope you enjoyed! What have you been eating lately? Drop me a line below or hmu on insta. Have a good one!

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