Some Random Thoughts

I had a bit of a weird long weekend dealing with the highs and lows of the mega-strong antibiotics I’m on and decided to not pressure myself to engage in any immediately demanding work or social media on Sunday and Monday. I just needed a break.

But today is the first day of school and I’m chillin on the A train and feel like penning some random thoughts as a blog post. I personally love reading these kinds of posts, so I’m gonna try some out here. Let me know whatcha think!

1. Gratitude


I had a pretty meh summer. Emotionally, mentally, and physically (shout-out to the mud wasp who stung me and gave me cellulitis lol), it just wasn’t what I’d imagined (for the most part, there were definitely some highlights – like my trip to Alaska – though!)

But lately I’ve somehow shifted a lot of precious anger, resentment, and sadness. I think part of it has been just realizing how fortunate I am in many aspects of my life. Yes, there are struggles, heartbreaks, and disappointments. And sometimes you work your butt off for what seems like nothing. And sometimes people are just straight up mean or rude or try to get under your skin.

But I have a lot to be thankful for. Where I go to school, the amazing opportunities I’ve had lately, my precious pea of a dog, and incredible friends.

I don’t know how or why this attitude shift happened, but I am here for it (lol). Less attitude –> more gratitude. 😎

2. Following cravings


On said meds, I’ve had weird aversions to a lot of foods I normally enjoy. Like vegetables. Pretty much all I wanna eat is bread products, nut butters, and fruits. Oh, I also need to have a FULL stomach at all times or I literally regurgitate stomach acid. It’s cute.

I’m not getting in as many veggies or proteins as normal, but I am getting some, and rather than stress myself out about it, I’m going to remember that I eat a balanced robust diet most of the time, so a couple days of mostly eating grains, but butters and fruit isn’t going to be an issue in the long-run (—> I find so many people focus or obsess on tiny things without realizing it’s really not how you eat in a day or a week that matters, but rather, your overall long-term patterns).

Now pass my 12th banana of the day!!

3. Social media break


I had a rough night Saturday and rough morning Sunday and decided I just needed a frickin’ break from Instagram and Facebook. For some reason the scrolling and messaging and arguing just got to me. I love the internet and don’t pretend otherwise but holy cow I just hit my breaking point. It was literally the first time in probably 4 years I’ve gone over 24 hours without checking Instagram.

Personally I love Insta, more than any other platform, but lately I’ve noticed myself easily triggered or irritated by content or comments, which is super unlike me, and might be in part due to the fact that I haven’t slept properly in like 10 days from the meds I’m on.

Anyways, taking a break was so refreshing. I just focused on me, and not what other people were doing or if what I was doing was up to their standards.

Blogging and writing on any platform makes you a target for criticism. And letting people down is one of my greatest fears in life. I want to be as helpful and informative as possible. But sometimes holy cow I just gotta look out for me and how I’m doing. No comparisons. No fomo. No pressure to make my food look nice or take pictures or funny stuff. No getting upset by reading political arguments or GMO arguments. Just relax and be.

Would 10/10 recommend a 1-2 day break if you feel angsty on social media, and I never thought I would be promoting that!

4. My dog


Gosh, I just really do love her to bits. This was her in an uber after a doosey of a morning.

5. School lunches


I’m a lunch packer! I find it fun and less of a hassle than waiting in line to grab food on busy days. Plus, CUMC doesn’t exactly have too many poppin lunch options on campus.

I decided I’m going to share more lunch idea posts here and on Instagram. I shared today’s lunch this morning, and it’s pretty standard. Excited to also mix it up tho this fall! I have some stuff sent by companies that I need to use and am excited to add to lunches to mix up my game.

Happy back to school season everyone! Leave me some yummy lunch inspo below by telling me about your favorite lunch if you’re bored 🙂

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