Weekly Vegan Eats

Another week to roundup some of the nommie things I ate. I had kind of a rough week between a couple bad allergic reactions causing skin rash outbreaks and eye swelling (cute, I know), and Millie getting super sick, but regardless, here are some scrumptious vegan food highlights to help inspire your eats if you’re in a rut!

(PS: Millie is doing much better now thanks to our wonderful vet in Hoboken and a couple rounds of antibiotics!)

Pistachio Butter

Easy Homemade Pistachio Butter

Holy cow! This stuff is incredible. I have been fluctuating between inhaling and trying to slowly savor this stuff since I made it last week. You can get the recipe here. It’s lovely on bread and toast and on bread with jelly and with chocolate. Can’t get enough!

Cherries cherries cherries

Holy cow ShopRite came through with the cherry sale this week. This was a particularly juicy, plump, and flavorful batch. I mowed through a huge bag in under 36 hours. Could have done it faster, but wanted to spread the wealth over more than one day. YUM. I actually went back on Thursday for another bag, which I ate in its entirety that day.

Cheesy vegan English muffins

Okay so this is a weird-sounding and weird-looking but epic-tasting snack I came up with: English muffin or toast toasted with a smudge of vegan butter, nutritional yeast, and salt. It’s a good carby, cheesy and satisfying afternoon snack.

Japanese sweet potato wedges with avocado and hummus

Part 1 of my lazy dinner on Monday was a steamed sliced Japanese roasted sweet potato with mashed avocado and Trader Joe’s everything bagel salt, with these epic random whole wheat everything crackers from ShopRite that were someone only $1.49 and incredible (literally 2 boxes gone within 4 days). Part 2 was…

Delicious summer fruit + nut salad

Part 2 was a clean-out-the-fridge salad with organic mixed greens, pistachios, cherries, and a sliced plum. Sounds weird, but it was yummy and refreshing !


Brussels sprouts tacos + taco salad from Hamilton Pork

My mom wanted to go to Hamilton pork in JC (it’s a really popular and apparently very good spot to get BBQ) and so on Taco Tuesday I took the Mil-Dawg and my mom for an outdoor dinner date.

I got a taco salad with lovely greens, charred corn, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and crispy tortilla strip. I also had a Brussels sprouts taco with pickled onions and some other things.


I’m a firm believer vegans can find something to eat (almost) anywhere. Going to write a post soon on tips for dining out vegan!

(sorry for the Millie photo dump).

More crackers with hummus and avocado (on repeat)

Such a satisfying snack ! I alternated between Hope Foods Black Garlic and Spicy Avocado hummus.

Beyond Sushi…again


Try to not ask surprised lol. I met up with two of my friends from school for dinner on Thursday for a sushi fiesta. We started with a complimentary amuse bouche which was some cheesy cracker with guava paste. Really good.


Then, we shared an order of dumplings and 5 sushi rolls.


So nice to see these lovely people! Love them.


It was on sale at a store super close to me holy yay! Went on a specific trip just for watermelon since I don’t have a car and can’t possibly carry that with all my other groceries. #nocarstruggles

Yummy Pizza from Double Zero

Saturday night I met up with my friend Nina and her mom (@doctorchris8) at Double Zero for vegan cheese plates and pizza!

We got the Truffle Cashew Cream and Spicy Arribiata. Yumm-o

The Spicy Arribata had cashew cheese, basil, cauliflower, spicy sauce and shiitake bacon, and the Truffle Cashew Cream had..truffle cashew cream (truffle infused vegan cheese), baby kale, and a bright lemon vinaigrette. I’d never had anything truffle before so it was fun to try. I thought the acid and freshness of the lemon was the perfect balance to the deep umami of the truffle.

Van Leeuweeven Planet Earth Ice Cream


…After pizza we went to Van Leeuwen (my fav ever!) and got ice cream. I was super indecisive and Nina helped me last minute decide on Planet Earth. It was SO good and I’m happy I went with it. Thanks Nina!


It was sweet and nondescript; like Blue Moon or Rainbow Sherbet, which were two of my childhood favorites. Such nostalgia! The green chunks, if you’re wondering, are chunks of matcha cake, which weren’t overly matcha in flavor (honestly it tasted like plain cake to me; maybe they just used matcha for color? Either way, so good!).

…and to finish off this post, here’s a pic of Millie with her avocado on National Avocado day.

Have a great week!

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