What I’ve eaten this week (plant-based)

Time for another roundup! Here are some snacks and meals from my past week. I hope it inspires you to eat something oh so delicious and satisfying, too.

Salad + Fries from Hamilton Inn


Last Friday night I went out to diner with my mom at Hamilton Inn, which is a pretty hyped place in Jersey City. I had always been curious to see if it lived up to the hype…but apparently not curious enough to go until now.

Welp, on Friday it was nice out, and so we decided to take advantage of their outdoor seating and give it a whirl. I got a Roasted Sweet Potato salad with mixed greens, apples, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes, and some other stuff with maple vinaigrette, and I added avocado to make it more filling. The combo of veggies and cranberries and dressing and apples was really refreshing. I also loved the dressing. I’m gonna recreate this dish at home, but maybe with nuts.


I also snagged a bite of a vegan realistic-meat-substitute burger my mom got and shared her fries. The burger was good but not my kinda thing (I prefer veggie burgers that taste and feel like beans or veggies, not meat), but the fries were really good. Crispy but not greasy (I hate when fries are overly greasy and soggy).

Overall, a good meal, although a little overpriced IMHO. Regardless, still a great meal, and Millie had a good time, too.

Beyond Sushi 

Are you even surprised? Haha! My favorite ever. On Tuesday I had tickets to the late show with Steven Colbert. After some ticket mix ups and confusion I ended up taking my mom. I think she enjoyed it? TV show tapings are kinda like a lot of waiting around for 5-6 hours total to watch 30-50 minutes of actual show taping.

Still, I find it interesting to see what goes into television production.

Also, Steven was funny both on and off camera. He did a Q&A with the audience before which was fun. And some lady asked about being about to join their writing team the next day. Which was super awkward. Especially since they told us to ask anything except for creepy things and things like that. Anyways.

After we were near the Beyond Sushi midtown west location so to avoid rush hour going home, we popped in there for dinner. I had a sweet tree roll, the Badge dumplings, and about a 1/6th of my mom’s verde salad.

I actually ordered a second roll, but I think the waitress didn’t hear me, and since she didn’t charge us for it, I just went with what we were served and decided I could have a snack later at home if I was still hungry (ended up with a banana + Justin’s hazelnut chocolate butter and half a snickerdoodle Lenny & Larry’s later than night).

Usually I eat two rolls and can share an order of dumplings or a side salad. A lot of times I go here with friends and they fill up on one roll. To me that’s usually not enough food to keep me full. Also since it’s my fav, I’m easily able to eat it forever and ever always. Anyways, the point is, sometimes your hunger and fullness cues and caloric needs may be different (more or less) than those around you, and that’s okay. Tap into your needs rather than external cues, even if you’re the only one eating a burger and fries amongst small salad eaters or vice versa!

Tofu poke from Shaka Bowls in Hoboken

My sister was on the east coast and invited my mom and I to eat in Hoboken (which is close – like 10 min by uber) from where I live in Jersey City. I had a large with half zoodles and half brown rice (my arsenic fill for the day lol), along with basically every topping on the menu, pickled ginger, and ponzu sauce. And obvi oodles of Sriracha.

Torico Ice Cream


Torico is an old-school ice cream parlor in Jersey City. Walking into Torico is literally like walking into the past in the most charming way possible. I actually brought Millie there a couple weeks ago for their 50th anniversary block party.

After poke on Monday, we stopped here. I got (dairy-free) chocolate Italian ice (basically chocolate sorbet) with marshmallow fluff, almonds, and Oreo crumbs, which looks disgusting in the photo above, but actually tasted good, I promise.

I completely forgot about how much I love marshmallow fluff. So good! I love anything with a fluffy texture like that. And marshmallow fluff is (usually) coincidentally vegan. :-).

Funfetti Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Couldn’t decide between funfetti and chocolate chips so I combined the two! Hooza!

Jersey Blueberries

Okay, maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I keep buying the BEST new Jersey-grown blueberries thanks to sales at my local stores. They are just so fresh’n’plump’n’sweet! I’ve been mowing through them by the box-full.

Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Easy Raw Vegan Lemon Cheesecake for 2

So refreshing, satisfying, and delicious! Recipe here. Make it!

Field Roast Chipotle Sausages


I like these! Spicy and super satisfying but not too greasy. Perfection.

Beyond Sushi…again.

Met another friend for lunch Friday and ate food but only have a crappy blurry photo to prove it. Rather than post something super blurry, I’ll share a semi-blurry pic of a blueberry coconut cronut I picked up for my mom at Dominque Ansel. She inhaled it!


Also, please note the mildy-over-the-top instructions on the cronut box. I can’t judge though, because I know that’s just Dominque ensuring the integrity of the pastry is maintained. A man true to the art form!

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 8.27.31 PM

That’s all for last week! Stay tuned for next week :).

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