What I’ve eaten this week (vegan)

Another food roundup for ya! Hope these meals and snacks inspire some deliciousness in your life.

Just Salad:

Grabbed Just Salad the other day with my mom who is in town. Just Salad will forever be my fav salad chain. No shade to the others, just Salad just holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s the reusable bowls, maybe it’s all the toppings. Perhaps it’s the yummy grilled roasted tofu or the variety of dressings or the nostalgia of it all since it was a staple for NYUers since they had one right by the library. Whatever it is. It yum.

My go-to is a build-your-own with kale and romaine mixed as the base, with apples, double roasted sweet potatoes, raw beets, apples, roasted broccoli, chickpeas, avocado, and grilled tofu. With agave Dijon dressing. And bread always, duh. YUM.

Onigiri from KoroKoro Riceball cafe

Recently tried a local onigiri cafe in jersey city and am hooked! They have rice balls stuffed with yummy and creative fillings.


Onigiri is itself a Japanese Street food, but the fillings are Koro koro are inspired by other cultures making it a fun fusion place of sorts.

Last Friday my mom and I went for dinner. I got Mediterranean with artichoke hearts, roasted sweet potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives & lemon zest, and Moroccan with Swiss chard, red pepper, golden raisins, toasted pine nuts, fresh ginger and balsamic vinegar.

And a tiny booch! 8 ounces is the perfect amount for with a meal ! So cute.

I also got an Indian (chickpeas, carrots, golden raisins, sweet potato, coconut milk, and Indian spices) and Umebosi (pickled plum) from their truck at the farmer’s market on Wednesday. Mmm, rice balls!

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream:

My fav vegan ice cream ever!!! Met my friends Rachel and Jessica for ice cream last week Thursday and it was so lovely. This was strawberry biscuits and jam with cocoa nibs. Mmm.

Shout out to Jessica’s parents, who joined us, and not only treated us to the ice cream, but provided lovely conversation and good times.


I am not a dairy queen, but I sure as heck am a cherry queen Give me a bucket!

Salty chocolate-dipped, nut butter-stuffed dates:

SO good. Recipe here!

Beyond Sushi:

Met my friend Caty for lunch at Chelsea Market on Wednesday. She got Miznon and I got Beyond. Was going to get Dizengoff but I’ve eaten lots of hummus lately so Beyond it was. Never disappoints!

My two fav rolls are Sweet Tree and Sunny Side. So good!

Lemon blueberry cake

The 17th was my half bday (#gettingold) and since my last two bdays have included promises of, but no actual cake, I made my own damn half birthday cake.

I actually used an organic cake mix I got on sale and was curious about and added blueberries and made lemon frosting (vegan butter, powder sugar, lemon zest). Cake was wayyyyy too sweet. This is why I don’t ever usually buy mixes. Back to that! Haha. But now I know. Ya live and ya learn!

Pickles + Hummus


Fresh bread


From Choc-o-pain, a local bakery. So good’n’fresh! I eyed a banana-chip, chocolate, apricot coconut flake sourdough loaf on my way out that I’m itchin to get back and try!

So good on a hot day! Also, if you haven’t tried this combo, get on it!

Blueberry Bliss Luna Bars


OMG. How have I never tried this flavor before?! 10/10 would recommend! Dried blueberries in anything = <3. Also, there’s a yogurt-dip-ish of sorts which is extra yummy. These remind me of those Nature’s valley yogurt granola bars I used to eat as a kiddo.



Duh! Does anyone else eat them this way? Using the peel as a plate? I asked on my IG stories, and it seemed to be a very divisive topic! Haha.


What have you been eating?!

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