What I’ve Been Eating Lately (Vegan)

Hey hey it’s time for another recent eats roundup. Here are some yummy recent vegan things I’ve been munchin’ on. I hope it inspires some yumminess in your life!

Bananas + Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter


After eyeing up Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter for a long time, I finally snatched it when it was on sale at Whole Foods for $7.99. Yes, still a splurge. But I have been itchin’ to try for so long!

It did NOT disappoint. It’s so good on bananas. Actually it’s pretty much good on everything (I’ve tried ice cream, toast, and apples too), but especially bananas. Obsessed. A worthy splurge IMO!



You know it. Recipe here, video here.

Butter Lettuce Salads


Every since I was little, I’ve loved butter lettuce. I can eat a whole head or bag of it in one sitting, easy. Goes down like nothin’.

I love the delicate yet crunchy and refreshing leaves. Have really been loving salads with Bibb or butter lettuce, nuts, and fresh peaches. Lately I’ve been rotating between Trader Joe’s Green Goddess and Panera Poppyseed dressing. And sometimes, I mix them. YOLO.

Cold brew with coconut water instead of regular water


All. The. Fruit.


Such a good snack when it’s a hot afternoon. lately I’ve been into cherries and organic galas with cinnamon + almond butter. Yum.

English Muffins

I go throw carb-of-choice phases. Sometimes it’s bread. Sometimes it’s oatmeal. Other weeks it’s doughy whole wheat tortillas. Right now it’s ENGLISH MUFFINS. Specifically Vermont Bread brand. So gluten-y and doughy and hearty and delicious.

I’ve been enjoying them with every shade of nut butter, hummus, and/or vegan butter. Ate a whole 6 pack in 3 days oops. #sorrynotsorry

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Cashew Butter and Almond Butter Cups

Hash tag not sponsored but the nice people at Justin’s sent me a package with a few of their new chocolate cups! I’ve also been enjoying Justin’s new Dark Chocolate Cashew Butter Cups and their new Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups eaten cold from the fridge as an after dinner treat :).

(Also, yes, I have a Birkenstock tan)

Lenny & Larry’s Cookies


Okay. So I love these. They taste like nostalgic prepackaged cookies you used to eat as a kid. I’m into it.

Now, I don’t eat them as a “meal replacement” as some people do. Nor do I think you should. But when you want a widely available shelf-stable cookie to have on hand? Lenny’s & Larry’s rocks.

So far I’ve had Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppyseed, Snickerdoodle, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. Chocolate chip, Snickerdoodle, and white chocolate macadamia are my favs.

I kind of want to try their brownies. Has anyone had them? Let me know!

Ice Cream


My fav sweet treat, always! Recently, Torico, a local ice cream shop, had a 50th birthday block party and Millie and I attended and ate all the samples!


Vegan and Gluten Free : Hummus Pesto PastaRecipe soon!

That’s all for now. Hope you’re having a great and delicious week!



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