Reviewing Some Kitehill Vegan Cheeses

Hello from the east coast again! I just got back from my holiday break which involved a fun trip to Denver, CO to visit my sister and her husband. During the trip, we ate so many yummy things!

I thought I’d share some reviews of certain products, including a few vegan cheeses I tried recently. While in Denver, we decided to be fancy people and make a cheese board for a Friday night in. My sister’s husband is plant-based, and my sister is down to try anything, so we decided to splurge on a a bunch of vegan cheeses.

Sadly, the Whole Foods we went to was out of many of them (BOO!) but we still got a couple, along with some guacamole and hummus.

Anyways, I thought I’d do a quick mini review of what we tried in case anyone is curious!

1. Kitehill Herb & Chive Cheese

Price: $6.99 at Whole Foods

Review: This ‘cream cheese’ is darn delicious. The texture is a little softer than that of dairy cream cheese, but, in my opinion, even better for spreading and dipping.

I really liked this stuff. The plain variety Kitehill makes is great too. This Herb & Chive version packs a solid amount of flavor without being overpowering, making it a good addition to a cheeseboard and perfect for crackers, bread, or dipping pretzels and other goodies in.

I especially like it on roasted veggies and warm grains (like farro) so it gets all melty. It’s also good on toast or bagels or to add flavor to sandwiches and could see it adding something special dolloped on top of pasta.

Buy Again: Yup. No question about it.

2. Kitehill Ricotta

Price: $8.99 at Whole Foods

Review: This ricotta was so good. The texture was so on point you could serve to the biggest vegan cheese skeptic and they would not know the difference. Kitehill ricotta also had a very mild, creamy flavor that paired epically on bread with some sweet apricot jam. I could see this going well on pizzas or pasta. Or used for baking.

Yes, it’s pricy, but in my opinion, it was worth it. Sometimes when people gawk at high prices of vegan cheese (myself included) I try to remind them/myself that a lot of high quality dairy cheeses are quite expensive, too. So yes. Worth it if you need some ricotta.

Buy Again? Yup. No question.

3. Miyokos Kitchen Double Cream Sundried Tomato

Price: can’t remember exactly; I think between $6-9 at Whole Foods

Review: I liked this cheese. I thought it had a good tangy flavor from the sundried tomatoes and a nice, spreadable texture. Truly, this is more like a cheese dip than an actual cheese. It was really good spread on crackers and used as a pretzel dip. I could also see it going nicely on sandwiches to add some extra flavor, and/or dolloped on top of a roasted veggie pizza.

Buy again: Maybe, in the right occasion.

Hope you liked that mini review! Let me know in the comments if you like this kind of post. I find them kind of fun to write!

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