The B(aker) is Back

Hello from the other side….of graduate school!

I think that was an Adele reference and tbh I don’t like that song. And I think the title of this post is a Real Housewives of New York reference but we can pretend it’s not and also like I watch intelligent quality programing when I reality all I watch is Bravo, E!, and Food Network. Anyways…


I’m well aware that I legitimately sucked at blogging this year. It was sad and pathetic. It was like I didn’t even make an effort (srsly, sry). But then again I don’t know why I’m apologizing since I’m not even sure if anyone actually reads these blog posts or just scrolls over things to look at food pictures.


I feel you.

Anyways, I spent a year in the MS program at Columbia University Medical Center Institute of Human Nutrition and came out a completely transformed human being.


I literally feel like my brain has evolved. I LEARNED SO MUCH. So much. Not only about nutrition as a science and clinical practice, but also about food policy, sustainability, food security climate change, and how to read and interpret science.

And I became like, deeply, dorkily committed to issues and integrity and putting people before profit and all that corny kind of stuff. Like, holy shit is all can say. Educational opportunity of a lifetime. I feel very #blessed to have had the experience and  I am so motivated to tackle big issues and save the world, etc.


I also spent the year doing some nutrition intern(ish)? work at Spoon University. Tbh idk what my exact title is. Basically, I sit there and write shit about being healthy. Cool story, I know. I also sometimes secretly cry over the world of journalism (seriously, I think I care too much). But I did some recipes and whatever and a bunch of writing. The photos floating around this post are from some recipes I did.  And for those who ask, no I don’t get paid.

Here are some links I’ll share from the collection:

And many, many more. You can find my whole author archive for Spoon University right here.


I also poured hundreds or hours of work and my heart and soul into a published a nutrition and healthy eating guide right here!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 7.09.03 PM

Phew. So that’s all great and all but I’m also happy to have my own space back. It feels good to be “back home” on the blog. I love blogging outside of structured journalism because I can post whenever I want on my own schedule and have no one tell me my ideas are bad and I don’t have to worry as much about things like share-ability and click-bait and stuff.  I can just do me and be weird and that’s okay.

Banana Bread_Option3_KatherineBake

Except there are also benefits to journalism like having stories picked up by places like Buzzfeed and Food & Wine and other neat stuff that happened to me this year. And prob the greatest: Sam finding my thousands of spelling errors (TY Sam, srsly, plz help me always).

Either way, kbaked is back and ready to  bake and cook in my teeny tiny Manhattan apartment where I have literally no counter space and cook out of a toaster oven that resides in my bedroom and a microwave that’s in my living room.#NewYork life is truly glamourous.

Vegan Blueberry Flax Muffins Gluten Free kbaked 13

Anyways, welcome back!! First recipe of the summer will be out in a few hours. Also thanks to whoever made this recipe (pictured above) kinda popular and kept the traffic goin’ while I was away. You da best!

Side note: WordPress just informed me I started by blog exactly 3 years ago today!! What a fun coincidence and the perfect day for a comeback 8-). Have a good one friends!




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