10 Things I Love Right Now [Good Eats + Good Life]

Hello! So I’ve never done one of these list-y posts before, but I follow several bloggers who often share tidbits of their personal life and I always truly enjoy reading their posts because eventually you kind of get to feel like you know the blogger and that if you ran into them you’d totally be friends but then you realize if you ever did see them they’d have no idea who you are and it’d be so creepy. Anyways, I want to share some things I really love right now in hopes of inspiring other people to such joyous wonders so they can enjoy them too! Perhaps one person will find something I have to say of interest? Probably not b/c I’m boring but I’m going to give it a go anyways on this gloomy Sunday night cause I have little else on my agenda besides reality TV.

I’m going to list 10 things I’m currently really into. Some of them are delicious things. Others are places, beings, and whathave you. This post does not have any fancy photos, but it does have a few iPhone pics from my life and some words as a form of me avoiding the current clusterfuck that is my life :). Enjoy!

1. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar – Caramel with Black Sea Salt.

Think the Salty Pimp from BIGC, but in a really fine quality chocolate bar. I’ve been telling people about these since my first bite a few years ago. I have been literally hooked every since. Skip your Godiva and Lindt bars and please do yourself a favor and buy this. It’s $1.99. And has deeply rich chocolate, with a buttery smooth-but-not-sticky caramel filling and sea salt for a nice balance/kick. Warning: very easy to eat whole bar in one sitting. So buy 6.


2. Milwaukee

I know I say this a million times a week, but this is the most underrated city in the country. It’s cute and cozy and quirky and does not try to be anything except its quintessential little self. We have lots of culture and beer and cheese and Lake Michigan and Midwest flair and beautiful parks and museums and great restaurants and neat hipster stuff. Not to mention a million festivals and activities going on in summer, including Summerfest, which IS confirmed by Wikipedia as the World’s Largest Music Festival. I could go on forever but I’ll let a few crappy iPhone pics speak for themselves. Also, you should probably visit.






3. Sweet gherkins pickles.

My sister got me hooked on these. I can’t stop. Just buy them. They’re like bread’n’butter but not as sweet, and mildly spicy. Perfect balance of hot’n’sweet. Like an exotic Korean dish but in a pickle jar.


4. 49 cent cones.

A major perk of Milwaukee in the summer. Cheap. Delicious. Soft. Serve. A much needed anytime treat and major break for my wallet compared to what I shell out for stuff sometimes in NYC. These are so perfectly sweet and creamy and with a great vanilla flavor. It’s very simple and probably fake but also very delicious. And how can you pass up ice cream that costs less than a pack of gum??


5. My dogs.

Seriously make me happier and fill me with joy and giggles more times a day than any material object or human. Millie has been with me exactly 5 months today, but I love her so much I feel like I’ve had her forever. Sasha is nearly 14 years old and still sweet as ever, bless her soul. Love my babies and always will! #rescue !!



6. The Decision Maker App for the iPhone.

Holy shit I needed this. Helps with really overwhelming daily decisions, like if I want an iced soy latte or an iced coffee with soy milk or what flavor cupcake to get. This app legitimately helps you realize your true wants and desires because you’ll either feel satisfied with what it tells you, and/or feel disappointment at its answer and realize your true desires. It was made for me.




Also makes important decisions about my future…#blessit


7. Angelic Bakery products.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.08.33 AM

This bakery makes some majorly delicious junk-free breads. The breads and rolls are sprouted, contain minimal ingredients, and are reminiscent of Ezikel products, but are a bit softer while still being hearty and filling. I’ve really really grown to love them all. This is actually a local brand nearby me, but I’ve seen it recently at Whole Foods Union Square. It’s makin it big! If you see it, give it a try. Not only does it taste good, you’ll will be supporting a local WI bakery. And I love when people support small stuff from WI. Like how Big Gay uses Sprecher products. That just makes me sing. Anyways, yay bread. #carbs5ever

8. Chia seed pudding.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 11.56.08 PM

Oh my gosh I just finally tried this foodie trend recently and am hooked. My go-to is 2 tablespoons chia seeds + drop of vanilla extract + 3/4 cup almond milk overnight. Topped with fruit. Oh. goodness. Obsessed. So simple, delicious, texturally appealing, and fascinating to see those little babies expand! They’re also packed with protein, omega-3s and buckets of fiber (6g/tablespoon ~!!) An overall winner and a new breakfast favorite for me.

9. Summer.




I keep hearing complaining that it’s been such a “rainy” summer – but honestly who cares if it storms a few hours here and there? I sure don’t. Maybe I’m used to rainy NYC, but seriously people, do you remember January in Wisconsin??? It was LITERALLY -40 degrees and no ones cars would start and everything closed and we all had to stay cooped up in our houses to avoid frost bite. So let’s enjoy this warmer weather while we’ve got it!

10. Botched on E!

I was going to share a bunch of puppy videos, but when I was unable to upload the videos, I thought I’d comment on how entertaining this new reality show is on E! It’s about fixing plastic surgery disasters. Obviously I love it. Also love that Rich Kids of Beverly Hills has been confirmed for a second season premiering in less than a month, and that the promo song is Fancy. Have a fancy week fellow friends and foodies !

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