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here’s an article i wrote for NYU Spoon magazine. see it published and check out the whole site here !

NYU Spoon is really awesome! so many talented writers and photographers. seriously worth some creeping for recipe ideas and food porn regardless of where you live or go to school. they also have an instagram, @nyuspoon. follow for shameless food pics!!


Have you been missing all those foreign candies you ate while studying abroad? Or perhaps you’re just a regular candy buff looking for something new to tantalize your taste buds. Either way, shake up your candy routine by trying out two new candy shops, GUNZ Fine European and The London Candy Company, each of which have brought imported goodies to village.



GUNZ opened in mid-September on University Place at the corner of 12th street, where University Restaurant once stood. The store clean and spacious, and has a unique selection of candies and snacks, primarily from Belgium and Austria, all at extremely reasonable prices.




Described by the employee as “like a Crunch bar on crack,” the Choc’n’Rice bar is a customer favorite. Puffed rice cereal is molded with smooth milk chocolate, and is noticeably softer – and more addictive – than the American version.



Other must-tries include the milky Matres Truffout Chocolate Seashells, which boast a velvety texture that practically liquefies in your mouth. The Schoko Bananen candies have a pillowy layer of banana filling and a thin and malleable chocolate coating, creating a compelling banana-chocolate mashup.  Like all the products at Gunz, these are not too sweet, nor too expensive, creating the perfect easy-to-snack-on treat to bring to Bobst.



When you run out of sweets from Gunz, head to the West Village to The London Candy Company at the corner of Bleeker and Morton St. A five minute walk from campus is all you need to have your taste buds hop the pond. Opened on August 10th, this tiny but bright store is quickly growing in popularity. The sign on the floor reads “Keep Calm and Eat Candy,” but with the overwhelming selection of delicious goodies, its near impossible to contain your kid-in-a-candy-store excitement. London Candy Co carries an unparalleled selection of British sweets, including an extensive selection of Cadbury products, European Kit Kats (think Peanut Butter and Hazelnut flavors), as well as potato “crips” in flavors like Ketchup and Beef & Onion. They also serve Stumptown Coffee at very fair prices, and are one of five places in the city that has Stumptown Cold Brew on tap.



If its nostalgia you’re craving, the shop also carries Crispy M&Ms. A former American favorite that was discontinued in the US in 2005, a movie sized pack rings up at 8 US dollars. While this is admittedly a bit steep, they make a worthy splurge and great accompaniment to a PB&J on days when facing inevitable adulthood is overwhelming.




Don’t leave without releasing your inner wine-snob by sampling a pack of Wine Gums. With the texture of Jujubes and flavors reminiscent of sweet wine aromas, these intriguing gummy candies are undoubtedly one of the most unique candies in the shop, and has quite the finesse for a chewy candy. Wine Gums are a socially appropriate way to satisfy wine cravings any time of day, whether it be in class or at work, even for the under-21 crowd.



So put down the Reese’s at Duane Reade (for now) and try something new. Get your sugar buzz on while getting cultured too, at Gunz Fine European Foods and The London Candy Co.



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