my super simple go-to dinner: delicious && nutritious


This meal is better than a lot of crap from restaurants that charge a lot of money for nothing special. Best part? Took 15 minutes total to prepare. This is a cheap, easy, go-to for me.

I love eggs. And adding some chopped onion takes about 30 seconds and adds so much flavor and an interesting texture contrast. I also advice adding some cheese (I used Laughing Cow Cheese Garlic and Herb) while the eggs are cooking. And some avocado chunks, which give it bouts of richness and a buttery texture.Other than that, add whatever veggies are in your fridge to give the eggs a nutritional and flavorful boost.

I also love sweet potatoes. One of my favorite foods, and a very healthy source of complex carbohydrates. I love them for breakfast (with cinnamon), or as a side for lunch and dinner. And organic are worth the extra money; they boast far more flavor.

Hope to inspire some similar eats:


eggs with chopped onions, arugula, cherry tomatoes, laughing cow cheese garlic and herb (broken into eggs while cooking), and avocado

arugula salad with lemon juice & olive oil. salt.

sweet potato microwaved for 8 minutes, topped (post photo) with curry catsup (mix curry powder with catsup – so good!)

also great on sweet potatoes: greek yogurt. 

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