Restaurant Review: OatMeals NYC / an intro to NYU Spoon

So! You may or may not know, I have been lucky enough to write for NYU Spoon this last semester. It’s been an awesome experience! I’ve met and become friends with some really cool, not to mention talented foodies through the organization.


An exciting update on Spoon: NYU Spoon is becoming part of Spoon University – aka its going national! Thus, NYU Spoon’s website will change from to, but you will still be linked to the correct page by searching Because of the site makeover, content has been slow this summer, but there are lots of exciting articles in pending that will be published when the new site is up!

Everyone should check it out! It’s really a wonderful site for college kids, New Yorkers, and foodies alike!

My first article, which was published in April, can be found here. It’s a review of OatMeals NYC, which is an amazing oatmeal bar in the West Village with the most endearing owner. Take a look and explore the NYU Spoon website – there is so much talent on the staff! And they’re all such wonderful, supportive, helpful people, too :). I’ve formed friendships with some of them and their passion for food and life is impelling.

And if you’re looking for a way to jazz up your oatmeal this morning, check out OatMeal’s menu – you’ll never be more excited to make oats.

happy reading and eating!


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    1. there is!! i’m so spoiled by all the options at every corner! for sure try to visit one day – there’s a huge diversity of delicious and often cheap eats all over the city.

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