the tastiest way to jazz up greek yogurt – almond extract


The most amazing thing just happened.

I added almond extract to my greek yogurt. And it elevated its flavor to a whole new level.

All I did was take plain Greek Yogurt (Fage is best, in my opinion – thickest texture and minimal “sourness” I associate with some other brands) and stir in a tiny dash of pure Almond Extract. You don’t need a lot – just about a half teaspoon for a 6oz container will do.



I obsess over anything almond so this was a huge hit for me. It almost felt like I was eating marzipan-flavored frozen yogurt. The plain yogurt is an excellent backdrop for almond flavor – the tanginess mellows and the nuttiness plays the star. And the thick creamy texture of the yogurt made this feel so rich and decadent, yet the fact remains that it’s eating yogurt, so this is actually quite healthy!


Add a dash of sugar, some agave or some honey and honey, you’ve got dessert. I’ve been craving this stuff since the first time I made it a few days ago. It’s absurdly good for how simple it is.


Toppings that pair well with this creation include slivered almonds for a crunch, fresh berries for textural contrast, and/or chocolate chips for your sweet tooth. You could also use other extracts to flavor your Greek Yogurt – vanilla, lemon, etc. Parfait pour un parfait. Bon appetit amis!

9 thoughts on “the tastiest way to jazz up greek yogurt – almond extract

  1. I have some sour Astro yoghurt in my fridge right now, maybe I should use this recipe to jazz it up, then probably, I can have it for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. I have bookmarked.

      1. I had yoghurt and fruit this morning, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and a blob of honey. It was very delicious. Thanks for the tip

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