my foodie philosophy

so obviously i’m into food. so before i get started blogging recipes and restaurant reviews, i’m going to give a little background into how i eat and think about food. this is my lifestyle, and it keeps me happy and healthy.

1. Eat Real Food

avocado sandwich from peacefood cafe, new york city
avocado sandwich from peacefood cafe, new york city – a personal fav
  • This is my main food mantra. I’m all about eating real things. I eat full-calorie peanut butter. I eat bread. I’m not into low-carb versions of things. Olive oil doesn’t give me anxiety. I’m aware that avocados are contain fat, and I still put them on everything that may be considered sane. Why? Because eating real food keeps you really satisfied. And often times, low-calorie or reduced carbohydrate versions of things are full of chemicals, stabilizers, and boatloads of salt and sugar. They don’t really do your body any favors. The shorter and more-recognizable the ingredient list, the better.

2. Eat For Energy


  • On the daily, my diet is pretty healthy. This is how I was raised to eat and how I prefer to eat. As a kid, I was fed a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, and I still love them. I’ll take a slice of pb toast over a bag of doritos as my afternoon snack any day. I like food that feels good on my body and keeps me energized, not sluggish. My staples include things like oatmeal, fruit, nuts, veggies, greek yogurt, eggs, quinoa, bread, pasta, avocado, peanut butter, etc. And of course, dessert on the daily.

3. If You Crave It, Eat It.

perhaps my most frequently craved food - ice cream. particularly of the big gay variety.
perhaps my most frequently craved food – ice cream. particularly of the big gay variety.
  • This is actually my mom’s phrase, but I’ve adopted it. Listen to your body. It’s smarter than you give it credit for. Cravings are often an indication of a nutrient you may be low on. If I’m craving sushi or a spinach salad at 10am, I eat exactly that. If you crave chocolate, you might be low on magnesium. If you want cheese, you could very well be low on B vitamins. I go with my gut ! Or I suppose, my tummy.

4.Cook. And Invite Your Friends

cooking a “family” dinner with friends in france
  • Cooking gives you a chance to be creative, satisfy exactly what you crave, and insure the quality of ingredients you’re eating. It also gives you a deeper appreciation of what you eat and food in general. Also, personally, I think its fun and therapeutic  And cooking with others? Best way to bond. Food is meant to bring people together, and cooking builds communication and cooperation skills. It’s a very special bond to share with someone. My earliest memories are of me peering wide-eyed up my grandma’s apron. I learned a lot cooking from her, and from others.

5. Go Local When Possible

union square farmer's market nyc
union square farmer’s market nyc
  • Why? Because you’re not only helping your community, the foods are often fresher and better for you. And fresher means tastier, and who doesn’t want that? 😀

6. Indulge

custard filled chocolate cup topped with berries from black hound bakery nyc
custard filled chocolate cup topped with berries from black hound bakery nyc
  • Anyone who has known me for more than 10 seconds knows I do not go a day without dessert. Not one. And usually I eat sweets more than once a day. Chocolate makes me happier than I’m convinced a man ever could. And that’s fine. Sometimes it’s okay to eat things just because they taste good. In fact, it’s just as important to nourish your soul as it is your body. To quote the almighty Beyonce, “there’s just too much good food out there.” So eat what you love; life is too short not to.


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