hello! so this is my blog i guess. i’m awkward with introductions (in person and virtually, it turns out) so i’ll just write a little blurb to explain myself, and my anticipations for this site.

i’ve actually been meaning to get a food/life blog going for ages but have found endless excuses to push it off – i’m too busy, i’m already way-over-connected on social media/the web, and of course, the whole who-the-heck-cares-what-i’m-up-to complex.

but fuck it. i’m tossing all of those insecurities and excuses to the side today on this glorious day, the 26th of June, 2013 – a historic day in our nation’s history. because i started my blog. (lol jk obviously equality!!!)

todays lunch - raw milk cheddar on ezikel toast with avocado - shaped in honor of equality <3
todays lunch – raw milk cheddar on ezikel toast with avocado – shaped in honor of equality <3

i’m honestly quite humbled and happy to be alive in this moment. i am absolutely elated that all of my friends and family share a right that is long overdue. perhaps the euphoria from the announcement this morning is what pushed me to reflect on my life and actually get down to blogging today. i mean, why not? life is good.

i have so much to be thankful for. i’m young but old enough to appreciate my life, my friends, and my family, and my education. i’m excited for my future but also enjoying exactly where i’m at right now. a rising senior at New York University, i live in arguably the most vibrant and exciting city in the country, perhaps the world. i feel incredibly lucky and thankful for this every day. the friends i’ve made, opportunities i’ve been presented with, and of course, the things i’ve eaten, have shaped my growth and i couldn’t imagine attending college elsewhere. the city has imprinted itself in me forever and no matter where i end up in life, new york city will always be a large part of who i am.

s’mores oatmeal from OatMeals NYC where i got to interview the endearing owner, samantha stephens for an NYU spoon article i wrote (visit!)

hashtag awkward that after i write that dramatic love-letter to new york that i’m writing this sprawled on my couch at my mom’s house in good-old wisconsin. no complaints though. this was 100% my choice to unexpectedly spend a large chunk of my summer in milwaukee, and i’m excited to be here.

i know i never shut up about this, but seriously guys, milwaukee is probably the most underrated city in the country. beer, custard, cheese, summerfest, lake michigan? get on ma level. definitely worthy of a vizzy, particularly in the summertime.

my friend sarah and i in the milwaukee art museum
my friend sarah and i in the milwaukee art museum

okay so what is the purpose of this blog? clearly brevity has never been my specialty. this blog will be a good outlet for that. mainly i want to talk about food. food food food. food is everything. its always what i remember, look forward to, or miss most about a place. this blog’s main purpose will be culinary-focused. mainly restaurant reviews and recipes, with some personal thoughts, experiences, and nutrition tossed in (i am a nutrition minor after all!)

homemade girl scout carmel delights i made this summer - i will post a recipe soon!
homemade girl scout carmel delights i made this summer – i will post a recipe soon!

but other than that i hope to document my life; i will share all the glamour my gossip-girl-meet-sex-in-the-city-lifestyle in new york city (THAT is a joke. my life is more Girls than anything). i will make awkward jokes. i’ll talk about science and my struggle-busride to med school. i’ll post photos and songs and funny YouTube crap that you’ll probably glaze over and not pay attention to. and obviously, i’ll post stuff about cute dogs.

in new york, this blog will likely be more restaurant-orientated. but here, at home, with access to a full pantry, this blog will spend more time in the kitchen, focusing on recipes and cooking techniques.

whatever happens, i’m excited. i enjoy writing and can’t wait to see how this turns out – it’ll be just like a fun baking project you’re not sure about – mess around, hope for the best, throw it in the oven, and hope it turns out delicious.

now let’s get nomin’ 

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  1. Yay for witing and blogging and food! Also, I love me some Ezekial bread and obviously we are related because most people don’t even know what that is.

  2. I love coming across new blogs, yours looks great. I can probably relate to some of your blogging insecurites since I just started one too after spending way too much time reading healthy living blogs. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up on your blog.

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